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  1. Thanks Luke. The pointers are the first thing I'll show anyone who expresses an interest! The story element behind the hops isn't too important as long as it's a clear hop (like the Orion one) - I can make a line or two up. Like those graphics you screen grabbed, just off to check that website out
  2. I'm looking for star hops I can teach my kids, friends and family to encourage them to find their way around the stars and constellations with the naked eye. Preferably 'story' based hops a long the lines of 'Arc to Arcturus, Spike to Spica' as this kind of thing sticks in the memory. Can anyone recommend a book or website with this kind of thing or just let me know what your favourites are?
  3. Hope the clouds clear for you!
  4. Check it out in binoculars! That 'sauce pan' becomes a jewel box.
  5. Jupiter showing itself through my front window teased me outside. I thought I could see the Seven Sisters too from my sitting room (low lights on) and once outside confirmed it was - 1st time this year. Caught a couple of 'shooting stars' - wonder if they where Perseids? Clearest night I've seen this Summer, I'm sure their will be a few out having a good one this morning. Will pop back out for another 1/2 hour if the clouds haven't moved in.
  6. I'm using (mounted) 20x80 binoculars with local street lighting polluting my sky (background glow not too bad though), so not sure how achievable m92 is? Double cluster was a real highlight, but glad to catch M13. Working my way through the easier objects though as we seem to be getting some nice nights at last - hoping to catch some of the Perseids for the 1st time too - despite the moon!
  7. Congrats - I'm sure Andromeda will remain one of your favourites.
  8. Took in M101 too, M27 still eluding me despite a decent night once the clouds cleared around midnight - (need to come up with a star hop for it.
  9. step7


    yeah killer app for a freebie
  10. Yes have seriously considered it but rejected the idea as dangerous (and I say that as a qualified electrical engineer) and definitely illegal. There are plenty of other approaches that I can still pursue with vigour though!
  11. Build kit? It doesn't have to be optical kit, I'll be working on some viewing blinds real soon to cut down some of that toxic street lighting.
  12. I managed to take a look at M31 through my 20x80 binoculars last night. I think the light pollution is pretty bad where I live. I just swept up from Mirach, passed HIP4436 (which I could just about see with naked eye) until HIP3881 (which was totally invisible with the naked eye) came into my field of view.
  13. Argggghhh light pollution I've got such a bag on about this - I'll resist the temptation to go off on a 15 page rant and just wish you the best of luck instead.
  14. Some nice pics Ray, thanks for sharing them - wow you've got some darks skies. Really like that view of Jupiter and moons! Is there a focus problem on this pic as everything looks a little fuzzy? Or is that just a typical view through your sort of scope at high power?
  15. Hi Andy, You would probably be better off asking that question in the forum - the blogs don't seem to attract much attention. Are you lucky enough to have to dark skies where you live? Light pollution may well limit what you can observe. Jupiter will be rising in the east tonight after midnight and is worth looking at after 2am if you are a real night owl - be sure to look out for Jupiter's moons! Good luck and keep blogging to let us know how you are getting on. PS: Check this recent post out: http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/150048-suggest-object-tonight.html#post1894252
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