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  1. I agree, and it makes me think of Mars and the possibility of microbes surviving in some small pocket or hibernating hoping for warmer times in the future.
  2. Hi Steve, During the Autostar Update it performs a search of all COM ports - I click on 'Yes' for it to do it and it returns the message 'Cannot find COM port'. It automatically assigns COM4 but when that didn't work I reassigned it to COM1, but it comes up with the same message. Jerry
  3. Hi, Has anyone suggestions as to what I could do next? I am trying to update my LX90 Autostar which used to work, but I sold my desktop with its serial port and replaced it with a laptop with USB ports. I purchased the Meade USB/RS232 adapter that should (in theory) allow communication between PC and Autostar via the old serial cable. I have downloaded the lastest driver from Meade, made power management settings reflect Desktop, given it lower baud rate settings but am still unable to get the Autostar recognised by the software. Any suggestions would be welcome. Cheers, Jerry.
  4. jerry

    Hi from Seaton

    Thanks Steve - I am looking into getting one of those. For MartinB - I looked at Jupiter one very misty early morning and the big difference between the SCT and the ETX was the Jovian satellites - through the ETX they were little dots, with the SCT they seemed much brighter (it could have been the mist I suppose - but I hope further viewings will produce similar results). Does anyone here belong to the Norman Lockyer Society?
  5. jerry

    Hi from Seaton

    Sorry, forgot the many other Seatons - yes I'm at the Devon one - between Sidmouth and Lyme Regis - far enough away to avoid their light pollution, but Seaton manages to produce enough of its own
  6. jerry

    Hi from Seaton

    Hi to all, I've recently upgraded to an LX90 8" from an ETX125 (the guy in the shop recommended this forum).- Last night was my first try with my Meade LPI with the new scope - pointing at the moon - OK the photos I got were not great but were a vast improvement on the ETX photos I had taken previously.
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