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  1. Thanks, everyone. @great_bear I was just thinking about that when I saw your post. I've found that an 8" Nexstar is about 1200$ whereas a 6" one is 800$. As I agree with your opinion I guess I should save up a couple of hundred dollars more and buy the 8" one because DSO are really what I'm after. Thanks for the Dob suggestion as well, will check it out. We actually have a few Dobs open to public here at a local amateur observatory.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to improve my viewing experience so I was thinking about getting a new telescope sometime during autumn but I'm not really sure what to get. What I have now was a gift that got me into astronomy, AstroMaster 114 but it has very limited capabilities. I'm hoping to get something that would enable me to have a better glimpse of the deep sky objects, nebulas, galaxies etc. Now, I am limited when it comes to budget (I have about 1000$ to spend) so something within that price range would be nice. For now the best candidate seems to be the Nexstar 6E, since I'm definitely looking for a computerized telescope. Does anyone have this model and would you recommend it? How much can I get out of it? Of course, if anyone has better suggestions, please post them. I should mention that I recently acquired a big pack of eyepieces and filters, there are only a few more that I would like to get, so I'm in a good position when it comes to that. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply. I guess I need some practice, then
  4. Hi folks, I was wondering if any of you encountered a similar problem to mine. I have a pack of Celestron eyepieces (4mm, 6mm, 10mm, 20mm and 32mm) and I can see perfectly well through all of them expect using the 32mm one. I was trying to cath a glimpse of Gamma Sagittae and the M27, which I actually managed to find with help from a friend. I tested on other objects later, and the effect is the same. If I can see anything at all it's really dim and not clear whereas and I can't see it longer than a second or two, after that it disappears. My brother for example can see them perfectly fine (for example the Moon). When I switch to 20mm there are no problems. What could cause this? I know it sounds stupid but I don't know what I'm doing wrong... My vision is fine as I recently checked it.
  5. KaLu

    Regards from Montenegro

    Oh, they're great in my humble opinion. Minimal light pollution and, in my experience, a good position for observing. Although this new hobby of mine is seriously undermining my sleeping habits Thanks, everyone!
  6. Hello fellow stargazers, I've been in the possession of a telescope for a couple of months now, so I'm still a beginner. I own a Celestron AstroMaster 114EQ, for now. Hopefully by visiting this forum I'll be able to improve my knowledge as well as contribute to the community a bit. Right now I'm in pursuit of seeing the Andromeda galaxy. Anyway, I'm thankful that such a community exist. Best regards from the Adriatic coast.
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