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  1. Ok I've set it up in the garden at last and what a perfect morning for my first look. It took a little getting used to with the tuning thing but I think I've got there. There's a nice prominence roughly in the four o'clock position which is pretty wispy. My plan for the day is nip to the gym and then chill in the garden with the sun Thank you all for your bits n bobs of advice and opinions. I appreciate it. My original plan was to buy this at the International Astronomy Show but of course I now have it. So what shall I buy at the show? Hmmmmmm....
  2. Ah I've made an error in my example. I picked Mars off the top of my head and of course is a planet not a star. But I get this problem with all objects.
  3. Ps. Yes I have checked I have it set to Sidereal Tracking.
  4. Could anyone please tell me what is going on with my tracking. I have an EQ5 GOTO. Basically my confusion is this. If say I point my scope at Mars and centre it in the eyepiece, it gradually wanders off. After about 15 mins it will wander right out of view. Now this doesn't really confuse me as I know that it's only turning over its motor at what it thinks is the right speed. What confuses me is that if I tell the control to look at Mars, it moves the scope so that it is once again looking directly at Mars! How so? If it knows Mars is in that position at that time, why isn't it tracking it? Thought please folks?
  5. It's not just reflectors that can be big. This bad boy was at the show last year. I can't remember how much it cost exactly but you'd probably be re-mortgaging the house!
  6. I got home yesterday to find my PST had arrived. Unfortunately I noticed the sales invoice pouch had clearly been opened. Der Fuhrer hasn't said anything yet, that's making me nervous [emoji32]
  7. Hey great, a hail storm! That means my scope has been delivered and is waiting for me at home. Great to see my luck hasn't changed [emoji2]
  8. Ah heck, I couldn't resist that offer and hit go [emoji16] I got the £729 version for 586 including postage [emoji16] £143 saving [emoji2][emoji2][emoji2] That more than paid my overdraft charge. Bring on the sun!
  9. And you can use it to pump your tyres up [emoji2]
  10. What's with the 100 psi? Maybe it's some type of dew control. We may be missing a trick lol!
  11. Just my luck. Telescope House are having a weekend sale on PSTs. 20% off! And I don't get paid until the 15th! Gaaaaah!
  12. Thanks Lee that's a great offer. If I don't take you up on that before I get my scope, I must make a point of visiting the planetarium. Cheers!
  13. Its £21.99 but free postage. I'll take it Now all I need is the PST itself
  14. Would this be suitable to attach a PST to an EQ5?
  15. Glad I'm not the only one trying to think after a glass of wine
  16. I've just been watching an old beeb series "The Planets" and there's a bit about sinking a probe through the ice of Europa and then exploring the European sea. This got me thinking. On earth as you go deeper into the sea the pressure increases as you go down because of the weight of the sea and atmosphere above you. But, on Europa, you would have a sealed crust above you. Would this stop this effect?
  17. Yeah I could. I got an eq5 synscan. I just thought as it's such an teensy little scope I could have a very portable tripod that I could just plonk down and use.
  18. Could anyone recommend a reasonably priced tripod for a PST?
  19. Yeah there's a bit on it in this month's Sky at Night magazine that says that. It might be worth keeping an eye out for though.
  20. Hi Stev I have family in Malta, my dad is half Maltese. Do you know who Trevor Cilia is who plays for Malta? That's my cousin [emoji16] Welcome to the forum.
  21. Thank you! I'll put the gun back
  22. Yeah I just can't seam to post the link! I'll just take myself out the back and shoot myself for wasting your time lol.
  23. Hmmm, the link doesn't seem to be posting. I'll try again when I get home.
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