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  1. Cool! It looks like a fiery planet.
  2. Merlin, I may be wrong but it doesn't feel/look like aluminium but still feels like brass. The finish though looks as though it's been "rumbled". Basically when something has been poorly machined and has a scratchy surface it is put in a vibrating container of abrasive stones to rub down the surface. It just looks a bit tatty unfortunately
  3. Good, well I'm glad that's normal then. As a machinist though it does give it a rather shoddy look though. I guess it's the optical performance that matters though. Thanks for the info moriniboy
  4. I recently bought a PST from Telescope House and immediately noticed something about mine. Whenever I see pictures of PSTs the brass tube always seems to have a nice "turned" finish to it. Mine seems to have a rather rubbed look to it. Does anyone else have one like this? It all seems to perform just fine and I'm sure Telescope House wouldn't be selling duff stuff but it did strike me as odd. A bit ugly.
  5. When I had my first scope I remember finding it really hard to find things. Sure it was easy to find things like Jupiter and the moon etc but the deep sky objects eluded me. Then one night trying to find the ring nebula I couldn't understand why I couldn't focus on one particular star. Then it dawned on me! I put in a higher mag eyepiece and there it was! Admittedly it isn't the most spectacular object (it's tiny!) but that feeling of finding it Now I have a goto I can see things more impressive every night but the reward isn't there. I think sometimes it's not just what you see but how you come upon it.
  6. Attic were giving away free sweets I also bought me Hyperion Zoom
  7. That's happened to me twice! I'm honestly amazed how strong the glass is. The thing is the feeling of utter confusion and spinning around to see had thumped me lol!
  8. Has anyone heard anything about this one? http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-1137095 On March 35th? Seems very iffy to me lol.
  9. It's actually me waving a hair dryer to take the moisture of the lens lol.
  10. My only capture was of this demonic bird like apparition. Any ideas? I worked it out but it was my only excitement.
  11. Nope, your not being prissy. They are ideal for eyepiece cases. I have one next to each eyepiece
  12. I'll be out just in case. Whatever happens/doesn't happen, its an excuse to sit in the garden with some beer n crisps.
  13. Can anyone recommend ISO and exposure settings for capturing meteors! It looks like there might be a clear period for Bristol so I'm going to leave the camera clicking to see what I get.
  14. Hi all. Just thought I'd recommend an app to any off you using an android phone. It's called Lux Dash. Basically it takes over the phones auto dimmer for the screen. Not only can you dim the screen ALL the way down, but there's also an astronomy setting that turns the screen red There's a free version to give it a go.
  15. Quick update. I set up tonight and completely started afresh with the polar alignment. It looks like I have to suffer the embarrassment of admitting I may have polar aligned on the wrong star [emoji15] I litteraly have no idea how I managed this but I am pleased to report that my scope has happily been looking at the same star now for half an hour and is still DEAD centre in the eyepiece. The lesson learned here is to never assume you are not a plank! Thank you all for your input. We can file this issue as "Solved"
  16. Nope, no joy. I think I'm just going to have to accept its dead I guess helps twist my arm to get the DMK
  17. Nope didn't work I guess it might not be official Phillips software? Of course it could just be that my cam is dead. No worries in the big scheme of things, particular as it'll probably be cloudy on June 3 but worth a try.
  18. Ok I've worked out what to spend my money on at the IAS. An eyepiece! You guys didn't think this thread was over yet did you I've been using my 10mm Delos on the PST, now much as it's a fab eyepiece in my night scope, I find it not so good in the PST. It seems that unless I'm looking straight ahead the sun seems to disappear. If I look towards the edge of the FOV the sun goes? Is there a more suitable eyepiece? I've read the Baader zoom is very good for the PST, particularly because it has a thread for a t-ring so I can attach my DSLR. But will I still have the disappearing sun problem? Is this a problem of the PST rather than the eyepieces? If so am I better off sticking with my Televue and putting the money towards a DMK which I understand is better for solar/planetary pics anyway? Gosh this astronomy lark just keeps creating questions! Views please.
  19. Ok, a little while ago I plugged my spc into my laptop and an "installing drivers" dialogue came up. Guess what? Yup it no longer works with Sharpcap lol. Now this didn't really bother me because I've been looking at getting a DMK anyway, BUT, I've just read in Sky at Night magazine about the triple shadow event on Jupiter on June 3 and I want to have a crack at that..... I don't get paid until June 15! Aaarrrggh! So the question I want to ask is, where can I download the drivers I need to bring my spc back to life for one last party. Help please. Dave.
  20. Hmmm I always try to get Polaris in the small setting circle. Surely I'm not using the wrong star? Its not as though Polaris is hard to find. Hopefully it'll be clear tonight and I can check.
  21. You can get some genuine bargains though. I just got a Coronado PST. Normally £150 but Telescope House had a 20% sale at the weekend so I bagged one for £120! Just ask my wife
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