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  1. He's good friends with the BBQ master. Wherever you stand in relation to the BBQ, the BBQ master blows the smoke in your direction :-D
  2. I've been trying to see comet Garradd tonight and I'm not sure if ive seen it or M15. There was no apparent tail, I am using a 130mm Newtonian. Should I be seeing a tail with this? Ive been hampered by cloud too
  3. Earl, that actually IS a good idea
  4. Oooh, maybe as it's dark, and objects are far, a super bright camera flash :-D
  5. Is anyone near Bristol? It looks like it might clear but there's lots of cloud about too. Anyone know how its supposed to go?
  6. If that were done in England we'd just end up with a 40m pond!
  7. It's my birthday in September. I'm asking my wife for a rain proof astronomers jacket. Does anyone else have any good ideas?
  8. Grrrr! The sky unexpectedly started to clear, so out I go, set the scope up and guess what? Cloud comes back! Not happy
  9. Can you tell me the name of that astro weather iPhone app please? I'd like a look at that. Weather not looking too promising in Bristol I'll have to make do with journey to the edge of the universe on More4.
  10. Ok. Who can explain this to me so I can understand it? Objects that are observed, say 13 billion light years away are seen as they were 13 billion years ago as, of course, it takes light that long to travel that distance. BUT! 13 billion years ago, the universe was only a fraction of it's present size. So how are they seen to be that far away??? How? How? HOW???
  11. Actually yuh, last year I had a bonus and guess what I spent it on? Yup, my first scope... Doghouse? Yup! I mean what? I'm a grown up, I always wanted one, and I earned it! The best thing to do with a doghouse is fit a slide off roof and keep your scope in it. Simples. P. S. Dont show my wife this....
  12. Lol! Capricorn, your his wife, AREN'T YOU! ;-)
  13. Thanks, that's some good advice. I'll have a little look into that.
  14. The Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imager is advertised as a planetary imager, but would it be up to imaging clusters and nebulous? If not what other options are there for someone on a tighter budget? Advice please. Dave.
  15. Thanks for your views. I think I will opt for a 6mm instead and see how I get on.
  16. Would a 4mm planetary eyepiece be too much magnification for a Skywatcher Explorer 130EM 130mm?
  17. I'm ok with everything up to and including the polar alignment, but when setting the dial for RA I get confused. I'm supposed to point the scope at a star with known coordinates and then turn the dial on the tripod to match these coordinates. However when I tighten the dial it simply moves along with the pointer as I move the scope! I'm obviously missing something obvious and will be kicking myself when I spot it.
  18. Ooo, also any tips on setting and using the dials on the tripod would be gratefully received as the manual doesn't seem to be working for me. Obviously I'm a total beginner!
  19. Can anyone tell me if it's worth getting the multi speed RA drive for a Skywaycher EQ2 tripod? Does it track accurately? Thanks for any advice
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