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  1. Yeah I'm sure I've seen that pic before Ludd. No matter, what would we all give for that view eh?
  2. Seen it with the bins [emoji2] The sky's a bit milky where I am and lit up by the moon so I guess it's looking quite good. Very easy to find. Another couple of nights and it should rise above my roof so I can get it through the scope [emoji4]
  3. What time does the sun appear above the hill at Lucksall though? Is it just the beginning of the eclipse that will be blocked or a large portion of it?
  4. I'm sure they are allowed because one started up beside my son last year and made him jump half way across the site [emoji38]
  5. Lovely job. I like the brightness level myself. It looks mean n moody. Good work.
  6. Leaving all the scopes at home will only result in the "DOH!" cry and group sobbing!
  7. I'm booked Thurs/Fri/Sat and going home Sunday. Can't wait
  8. And me My second year. Let's hope I see some stars this time
  9. DaveGarland

    2015 - SGL 10

    Where do I find the announcement? Can't see it!
  10. But as long as it's sitting comfortably it should be ok shouldn't it? I'm guessing sampling may be a problem though?
  11. Don't be ridiculous! If you look at the terrain, it's clearly more likely to be Clangers! [emoji1] Seriously though I hope all goes well. Exciting stuff!!!
  12. DaveGarland

    2015 - SGL 10

    I'm just going set my tent up in January and claim squatters rights. Done
  13. Darn I have android! Does anyone know of a good one for Android?
  14. What are you guys using to get alerts on your phone? Is there an app? I missed the whole thing
  15. Oh wow, I just noticed that button. How cool! It seemed so long just to reach Earth. Imagine sitting there for another 4 years to reach Proxima Centauri and just seeing a blank screen all the while. Sheesh!
  16. Sorry if this has already been posted but I thought you might like this scrollable model of the solar system. The scale is based on the moon being 1 pixel and it gives you a really good idea of how loooooong the distances are between th he planets. http://joshworth.com/dev/pixelspace/pixelspace_solarsystem.html
  17. Hi all. Just a simple question. The Orionid shower peaks on October 21, my question is this. Is the peak in the morning, ie 20th pm going into 21st pm. Or is it on the evening of the 21st going into the morning of the 22nd? Dave.
  18. We had a good couple of hours of lightning over Bristol. As you said James it was lighting up the sky from miles away and at first it seemed a little like a scene from war of the worlds with flashes but no noise. I sat back with some wine n crisps and enjoyed the show. Lovely
  19. Did anyone see a fireball travelling North over the south west? It was almost 22:00 on the dot and really quite orange. From Bristol it was almost at the zenith.
  20. Why do i feel like shouting Yabba Dabba Doo! Fair play though szymon. What ever works is great
  21. If that's the pic you took OF the Astrotrac, what was the pic you took WITH the Astrotrac???
  22. I think I got it in my 10x50s. Not very impressive visually tbh through binos and I'm now kicking myself for not setting up my scope but I didn't get home until 9 and I'm in work at 7am. Damn that's no excuse! Still I'm pleased I've at least seen it.
  23. I think there's a polar align function on the handset that let's you polar align on a different star. I think you set up pointing roughly north and then do 3 star alignment then the scope will allow you to align the tripod using the alt/azi but looking through the scope eyepiece on another star. Perhaps someone else knows a little more about this? I've never done it myself.
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