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  1. Beautiful! Image background looks good and plenty detail in the DSOs.
  2. Nice one Bob! This is a mosaic? How many pics? Stitched together in which software? JB
  3. Good idea Wim. Thanks for that. Sorry Olly. Could you enlarge on that for me?
  4. Mmmmm.... I'll need to research those possible issues Craig. In this hobby you just seem to overcome one hurdle when the next one appears! Luckily there's so much info here and on the web in general I suppose I'm likely to be able to find a way to check - so I'll google it! Thanks for your input. Hi there - thanks for the comment. I've been doing this hobby since 2011 (retirement!) and found that the only way, for me anyway, to make the progress I wanted was to have the right kit. That has meant a fair outlay and, of course, I could find any number of products which would improve my images if I was prepared to splash even more cash. I've seen a lot of good results, though, out of, on the face of it, unpromising equipment. I was using a Canon 700D astromodified previous to getting the ASI1600osc and found it was excellent but not cooled, and for deep sky I felt I wanted a cooled camera. That's the only reason really I bought one. Cheers JB
  5. Thanks for the info Dave - I've just changed my package to the one you've pointed out above! I took up an online "special offer" which turned out to be not so special after all! Thanks for pointing that out. JB
  6. Hi Craig - I've only started using Autostakkert so I allowed it to auto place the alignment points. Individual frames are a bit blurry anyway so difficult to be sure but I think the softer edges are evident before stacking.
  7. I've been imaging deep sky objects with a 102 Altair Astro EDT refractor for a couple of years now but on a whim I swapped that out for an old Meade 10" LX200 which I deforked some time ago but never got around to using seriously. It has such a small fov at f/10 that I've always had difficulty finding objects with first time goto. However, pointing it at the moon I was pleased to see how much detail I could get. These, then, are my first evening's attempts at lunar photography with the big scope. I'll have to mess around with a reducer (I have a .63 SCT one somewhere!) and a Barlow to see what fov I can get and how much more detail I can eke out. I used ser files between 500 and 1500 frames, taken with ZWO 1600MC Pro, Sharpcap, stacked in Autostakkert 3 and tweaked in PS with help from Focus Magic. I used a x2 Barlow for the close up shots. How many frames would be optimal for this sort of image? I can see there's a issue with focus - not quite there in close ups and in the wide angle views not enough depth of field to get the whole moon in focus. What should I be doing to maximise the area in sharp focus? Is this one of the reasons why I see so many people doing mosaics? Best JB
  8. Hi - FYI, a word of warning. I bought this a while back to discover that it was exactly the same package/activation code as is available from many dubious sources online and that had caught me out before (twice). It's a "portable lite" version 13.0.1 x32. The same activation code can be found online if you look. In practical terms it works fine but the 32 bit version only addresses around 4GB of memory so runs out of memory accessing or processing big files (like astro pics for example). I did ask about the version number and 32/64bit before I bought (from Online Gadget) and they were good enough to fully refund when I explained my dissatisfaction. Even old "legal" PS versions go for hundreds of £. Reluctantly I've given up trying to do PS "on a budget" and subscribed to the 2020 version with Adobe. It's around £16 a month and, of course, works flawlessly. The old adage "if it looks too good to be true...." holds here. Best JB
  9. I can't find detailed instructions on how to install the Fits Liberator PS plugin. The webpage below leaves a lot to the imagination! Would you outline what you did to get the plug in "plugged in" please? https://www.spacetelescope.org/projects/fits_liberator/download_v301/
  10. Exactly my point Dave! I recently subscribed to PS CC and thought - going to this expense surely they could have provided the facility to load FITS files. I have posted this topic on the PS community site - so far without any positive result. I'll post here if I get any info.
  11. Thanks James. I have FITS Liberator as a stand alone. Can it be incorporated into PS?
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