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  1. Many thanks for the many suggestions given here. Plenty food for thought!
  2. Interesting. I'd already bought a SFF Windows 10 PC to run the asc 24/7. I hadn't anticipated the light pollution from the car park would be so bad. I was hoping there would be a tried and tested cable solution so all the things that could go wrong (apart from the asc itself) were easily accessible. Having another pc on the roof is just another thing to go wrong! Anyway - thanks for your suggestions. JB
  3. Hi Julian and thanks for your input. I was hoping to steer clear of Rpi since I haven't had any luck with Linux and that opens up a whole new area in which I have no expertise. I actually started out the asc project with Rpi in mind but just couldn't get it all to work together. The Windows 10 PC and AllSkEye software are working great I just need to solve the distance issue!
  4. Hi folks and best seasonal wishes! I want to move my all sky camera to the roof of my house to avoid the bright lights of a car park next door. On the roof the camera would be above those lights so less affected. Currently the camera sits on the side of my astroshed. The camera is usb3 and needs 5.5v and there is a 2.5w dew heater in the case as well. Two cables then - a 4m usb3 and a 4m 12v power cable. They run inside the astrohut and are connected to a 12v DC supply and a W10 SFF PC. The camera is controlled using AllSkEye software. It works great although the usb3 is a little temperam
  5. Hi folks - having installed an All Sky camera I'm now able to easily generate star trails and I love the way they bring out star colours. This resulted in me thinking "I wonder which blue star made that trail?" This swiftly became "I wonder if there is software which would help me identify the stars making the trails". I tried googling the title of this post but was unable to find strictly relevant suggestions. I use Stellarium to inform my observing targets and it can simulate a view with the celestial north pole in the centre but I don't think it adds star trails? Perhaps there is an alte
  6. Beautiful! Image background looks good and plenty detail in the DSOs.
  7. Nice one Bob! This is a mosaic? How many pics? Stitched together in which software? JB
  8. Good idea Wim. Thanks for that. Sorry Olly. Could you enlarge on that for me?
  9. Mmmmm.... I'll need to research those possible issues Craig. In this hobby you just seem to overcome one hurdle when the next one appears! Luckily there's so much info here and on the web in general I suppose I'm likely to be able to find a way to check - so I'll google it! Thanks for your input. Hi there - thanks for the comment. I've been doing this hobby since 2011 (retirement!) and found that the only way, for me anyway, to make the progress I wanted was to have the right kit. That has meant a fair outlay and, of course, I could find any number of products which would improve
  10. Thanks for the info Dave - I've just changed my package to the one you've pointed out above! I took up an online "special offer" which turned out to be not so special after all! Thanks for pointing that out. JB
  11. Hi Craig - I've only started using Autostakkert so I allowed it to auto place the alignment points. Individual frames are a bit blurry anyway so difficult to be sure but I think the softer edges are evident before stacking.
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