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  1. Gina which video? The Supernova Video doesn't have a voice track, only music. If there's a video with a voice track problem I'd like to know which one. thanks! Euphony, thanks for the comments!
  2. Thanks Gina and HNWA! @ Gina, yeah it would be good to get the lower part, I know there's ton's of wisps down there. It's sinking fast in the west now, I may not get again until next year. The only problem is it wouldn't be one frame, I would need three more to make the photo look uniform.
  3. I've been quite and not posting many images lately because I've been working on this image. It's a three panel mosaic of the Veil Nebula Structure. This is a combined total of 6 nights of imaging, from August, September, and October. The image after cropping is 4366 X 3128 pixels. I used Photoshop's Photomerge to assemble and merge the three panels. At 100%, in some parts of the image, you can see some stars that "swirl" during the merge. REDUCED sizes of the image show no affects of the merge. I have some favorite parts of the image and I've added some of these crops here. The details of the images: Veil Nebula Structure, A Supernova Remnant NGC6992 Eastern Veil Pickering’s Triangle NGC6960 Western Veil Mosaic Composition Photo Dates: August (Pickering’s Triangle), September (NGC6992), October (NGC6960) 2012 Location: Mount Palomar, California Equipment Used to capture Photo: Orion Parsec 8300M Orion StarShoot G3 Deep Space Autoguide Camera Orion 2” Nautilus Filter Wheel Orion 2" Ha, SII, OIII Narrowband Filters Orion ED80T CF Triplet Apochromatic Refractor Telescope Orion 80mm f/11.4 Refractor Telescope Optical Tube Assembly Orion Atlas EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount TeleVue 0.8x Reducer/Flattener Mosaic Exposure Details: ALL Exposures 600 Seconds NGC6992 – 20 Ha, 19 SII, 19 OIII Pickering’s Triangle – 23 Ha, 23 SII, 21 OIII NGC6960 – 11 Ha, 11 SII, 9 OIII Exposures taken over three months, total exposure time = 26 Hours Processing: Captured in Nebulosity, Stacked in DeepSkyStacker, Mosaic Assembled In Photoshop’s PhotoMerge. Further Processing in Photoshop. One of my favorite parts of this image is the “faint outer shells” of the structure…faint wisps of the supernova remnants. I love the Veil Nebula and I’ve never tried a Mosaic. I only wished I started this earlier in the summer, my last frame of NGC6960 was sinking fast in the west in October. I was able to capture NGC6960 during the last quarter of the moon, an advantage using Narrowband filters. Here's the FULL SIZE DOWNLOAD Image: http://fc01.devianta...ell-d5hvyca.jpg It's 11MB so it may take awhile to download.
  4. Image Stats: Parsec 8300M, Nautilus FW, Orion LRGB 2" filters, EON120, Atlas Mount. 23 - L 13 - R 13 - G 12 - B All 10 minute exposures. Taken last new moon (June).
  5. Thanks Guys! My images weren't linking correctly, they should be good to view now.
  6. NGC5055 AKA M63 AKA Sunflower Galaxy SpiraL galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici. Distance 37 Million Light Years Not far from the Whirlpool galaxy M51. Image Stats: Images gathered from March, April, and May. All frames @ 600 Seconds, L=1x1 Bin, RGB=2x2 Bin. 70 - L 24 - R 22 - G 20 - B ----------------- 136 * 10 min each = 1360 / 60 = 22.66 Hours Imaging Time. I used Don Goldman's Color Saturation Tutorial here: http://youtu.be/oRxavqQENUY Very helpful tutorial for Galaxy coloration. More of Don's tutorials here: http://dg-imaging.astrodon.com/tutorials/ Used DeepSkyStacker for stacking. FULL REZ Version Here! I was very happy with the results of all the faint fuzzies and I was very happy with my star color results. Equipment Details: EON120 Parsec 8300M Nautilus FW with Orion LRGB filters. Atlas Mount Lodestar AG. Comments/Helpful Criticism Welcomed.
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