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  1. Greetings. I come in peace. Good day to you all. My name is Kinan, I'm Indonesian, and I'm currently 16 going on 17. I'm, somewhat, a newborn stargazer. I'm currently into space-related stuff and stargazing. I envy those of you who can, leisurely, enjoy the beauty of the night sky. You can hardly see any stars at my hometown, Jakarta. If you're lucky, you can spot some stars and the moon.. that is, when the sky is clear enough and no clouds blocking the view. The first time I stargaze was on June, and I found lots of star constellations, such as Scorpio, Libra and Centaur. I have no telescope or other fancy things that can help me stargaze, but I have the most awesome weapons that can be used in term of stargazing.... Google and Star Walk! Google is my hero when it comes to stargazing, because it helps me find maps of the night sky. My Dad has an iPad, and he has this application named "Star Walk" that can help you view the night sky.. it's pretty handy, but I can only use it when Dad's home from work. Well, this is a rather long introduction.. pardon my excitement, people! Long story short, I'm new here and I'm looking forward to enjoy the beauty of the night sky with you guys. I'll be asking a lot of questions and share stories, so brace yourselves. Have a nice night
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