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  1. Thats very informative and helpful, thank you very much for your time and explanation.
  2. Hi, does anybody have any feedback on a Skywatcher Startravel 102 SynScan AZ GOTO? Good beginners scope? portable/easy set up? thanks
  3. My Skywatcher explorer 200p EQ5 is too cumbersome and large for my matchbox bedroom and to hefty to lug up and down a 3 floor apartment!! Its a cracking piece of kit and love it, but setting up, taking down and limited views through my velux window is not practicle, it needs a garden (which we do not have) patio area etc so its now on ebay and im looking for a as powerful, smaller, easier to set up scope thats transportable.......Help! Still enamoured by new hobby but need to be more practicable. thank you. p.s looking around the £300 mark.
  4. Hi KerryAnn, ive found this site a wonderful fountain of knowledge so far with a very supportive community, only been a member a short time and I am myself a novice, good luck and welcome.
  5. Hi Karl, only been on here a short time myself and everybody is soooo helpful, learning more than i could of wished with support from a great community.
  6. Hi Pud, from astronomy fan and novice new to this, everyone has been fantastic on here so far. Very proffesional, very helpful and patient.
  7. bought the philips spc880 webcam and had it flashed to spc900 specs so works with vista and at the same time time got the 1.25" webcam adapter both off morgan computers for £20 inc p+p! Well happy, thanks people.
  8. Thats great, thank you all, i shall attempt it and do my homework. Cheers.
  9. The best markets are competitive, its a good thing the Likes of China have caught up with the likes of India in the wings. Can we rule out Richard Branson playing a part or will he only he only have eyes on the commerciality aspect? I would of thought he would of loved to walk on the moon before his demise. After watching the complexity of the shuttles last mission,bb2 tonight, I worry about these different companies vying for the business and ultimately to save money cutting corners! The amount of effort and problems to circumnavigate was mind boggling by NASA from what i could see. One overlooked loose screw etc and Challenger all over again. No matter how much the cost in the past USA have wanted to explore and push the boundaries throwing billions at projects over the decades, once this area goes commercial it definatley needs policing.
  10. Could somebody please explain how you capture images with these? somebody put on a link in the 'heads up' section that they are half price and was wondering what the procedure was to utilising one. Thanks from a novice.
  11. Thanks whooshbang, just finished watching the bbc2 prog, really enjoyed it! very informative and what seemed like exclusive admission to behind the scenes footage. Will watch the ch4 prog too when i get chance.
  12. Thank you, i missed last nights programme so will catch tonights.
  13. Thanks for that, they look a decent pair but im after a second hand pair as it makes no difference at all as long as they have been looked after and more of a bargain. Hoping get a pair for under £30 if possible. Been looking on ebay etc but its knowing which have the better optics and what numbers would be applicable for star gazing.
  14. Could somebody please point me in the right direction of affordable astronomical binoculars and what to avoid? For ease of use and transport purposes i would like to keep a pair in my car for convenience and oppurtune moments. Thanks.
  15. Thanks all, as i have posted on another message i have now purchsed my skywatcher explorer 200p eq5, can wait pick it up, got it off ebay for £272 ( well the missus did for my biryhday!) happy times and thank you all.
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