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  1. woah! I bet! you should takeee pictures!! If you haven't already haha!
  2. BellatrixC4


    Cool! I have a 10 inch too ^^ Hopefully you find great company and advice here!!
  3. It is!! Especially that now I just got this new software, a moon atlas that a buddy of mine gave me, it gives me a purpose to be looking at the moon through my scope. Identifying craters FTW!
  4. There's 3 of em' that are in that vicinity I think. M101 Pinwheel galaxy (@ "Top" of handle ) M51 Whirlpool Galaxy (@ "Bottom" of handle) M63 Sunflower galaxy (A bit further on the bottom part) And, 200 mm is like almost 8 Inches, I can see those no problem, but because that they are dimmer and smaller objects I had a bit of a hard time finding them. And If the upside down image really does frustrate you, I guess you could opt for the correction prism, but as I said before, if you really want to enjoy what you see, you're better off with optimum image quality. Especially on smaller objects, I'd be ready to bet that they would become harder to see properly with a correction prism. Personally speaking, it took my a while to get used to it, but having a nice image quality was well worth the practice. Just go out often and practice, I find that's the best way.
  5. Oh damn....I feel like I just gave BAD advice here XD ( I really did debate if I should post what I was doing or not ) But turns out, I learnt too!!!
  6. I'm guessing this isn't the first time he pulls something like this?? hehe
  7. Ok, I know this isn't as nice as all of the really nice, impressive stuff I'm seeing here. And quite frankly, I think I'm almost embarrassed now to show this picture. But I think It's really nice, considering I did this with a 130$ camera. (i.e. Cheap) All I did to shoot this was put my camera flat on my cars roof, put on the longest exposure setting on there (30 seconds) and click the button. I then did a little tweaking on photoshop so that the stuff on there would be more visible. In real life, you can see a lot more than this, but it was worth a try I guess. ^^'' *see attachment
  8. ugh, yeah. I Haven't been doing this for very long, but I know for a FACT that humidity has played big roles in my observing so far. The humidity makes the air thick, making it harder to see objects that are far away. Kind of like looking through fog I suppose. As for the moon, unless I'm looking at it, go away you big full thing!! >.< it's annoying when you;re trying to look for a specific thing and that it's there. Shinning so bright. Then again, the moon itself is a pretty interesting object that I can spend an hour just looking at it XD So why should I complain!? lol
  9. Well, I'm gonna say I have the same problem as you, I have a really bad finderscope that came with my 8 inch dob. I wouldn't recommend you getting a correction prism because it will affect the quality of the image you see. Getting used to the inversion is one thing and I find that it comes with time. So what I do, (I'm planning on buying a telrad soon though) Is that I try and get the object I want in the finderscope and just kinda move in that general area. Very slowly and patiently. Takes time, but works for me to be honest. EDIT: Also, going with an eyepiece that gives you a larger field of view and eye relief is good. Once you find what you want, you switch eyepieces ^^
  10. Yeah seriously They actually use this telescope primarily to test out new technologies for observing the skies. A lot of university students from around the world go there apparently. So yes, a lot of wires are present. But that's only the back of the telescope lol. A lot of the camera stuff for the CCD is visible as well, it gets so hot that they need to cool it off with compressed 03. And yes, the scenery was very breathtaking, the air, was so pure and easy to breathe compared to the city air
  11. That's right!! and seeing the sky over there, is like nothing else I've ever seen before. it was truly breath taking!! And to answer your question Peter (I'm quite flattered) Yes that would be me in the center Here are some more pictures!! This is the back end of the telescope itself, mirror is 1,6 m of diameter and has a hyperbolic shape to it. They use a HUGE equatorial mount with it I forgot what they call this, but this is under the telescope, and because the mirror is so heavy ( like 4 tons, I think it was?) They need this to help them take it out. IN the inside they put chemicals and stuff to strip the coating of aluminum in order to service the new mirror. You guys probably know it already XD haha Now, for some more scenic pictures Here is the bottom of the mountain Top of the mount Megantic So that's all folks
  12. I like looking at the full moon through my scope, I really do, it just plain sucks though, that because it's so bright, it's probably gonna be the only observing I'll be doing. (along with some visible stars in there) Whenever I try looking for other objects, that are pretty dim, on a full moon it just kinda spoils it for me... Too bright that thing ^^'' When the new moon arrives, I am happy Unless.... clouds are there to spoil it!! So at the end of this cycle (soon) I am sooo looking forward to it! But I'll agree.... Clouds whenever it would be suitable to find stuff. Clouds hate the moon >.< But love a clear sky. dammit
  13. Hello there I'm not too sure if I am posting this in the correct area of the forum, but I'll post here anyways. Correct me if I should move it elsewhere. ^^'' So, this weekend was a very special weekend for me! As I've mentioned before in my "introduction thread" I'm pretty new to owning such a big telescope. I only used to work with a small, cheap, department store thing. Until recently, having an 8 inch Dob now Anyways, I live right beside Ottawa and while it's possible for me to find nice spots to do my exploring, I still get massive light pollution at a low Elevation. I still get to see whatever I want, But I gotta wait till the sky rotates for the things I'd like to observe. Therefore, I end up staying up til crazy hours haha (Well even on lightly polluted skies I end up staying late, I can never feel the time go by when I sit back and enjoy the view.) So this weekend, I decided I should leave. Go explore. (another one of my hobbies is driving. I love to drive far off distances just to explore.) So, looking at my road atlas, I saw this place called Mount Megantic. I had heard about it before, because Canada's most performant observatory is located there. I decided that it would be a perfect location for me! So, I didn't get to look through their telescope that night, because the techs were all gone. I'll go back soon though hehe. ^^ So I thought I'd share some pics with you guys! Here's me with the observatory More to come. I can't get the stupid other things to get through >///<
  14. Wow guys Thank you for such a warm welcome! Went stargazing tonight with my telescope, but the skies were very thick and disgusting. Therefore, stars were very dim and sights were limited.
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