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  1. JGS001, I thank you for your honesty, I never thought of it being out of focus. Well JGS001 back to the drawing board, thats what I like about this forum, the knowledge I gain from good people like yourself is invaluable. Thank you once again JGS001.
  2. Well I was just playing with my camera and tried to see what I could possibly see looking at Jupiter. I focused on a small light in my garden then played with the Live-view and zoomed in and out, then I shot a couple at 10 sec ISO1600 and this is what I got. I have touched it up in PS, levels-Hue-Saturation-contrast. Is it my eyes or can I make our the coloured swirls going around the surface, or just wishful thinking on my part. jupiter 1.tif
  3. Hello and thank you all for you wonderful feedback and excellent tips on how to get the best out of my equipment and techniques. TFC I have added the page you gave to my favourites and will learn how to use that process. "I never thought of over or under exposure I only know how to use curve and levels in PS, it will be a wonderful tool too learn, it is a pleasurable hobby isn't it, at times we all know it is tantalisingly frustrating as everything is so far but yet so near. Once again a big hearty thank you too you all from me.
  4. Can anyone please tell me what it is I am doing wrong??? I do not seem to be able to focus correctly, and the sharpness is lacking greatly, I have not used any filters as I do not have any at this moment but will be buying a Baader neo filter. When I try to focus I notice that my EQ3 mount shakes slightly, just enough to disturb sharpness. These images where all taken using my Canon 450d and the Skywatcher, I had the Barlow x2 attached to the camera which I inserted and attached to the Crayford focuser 1-25/2" newt. This is where the problem starts when I think I have got the pin sharpness I need, I am gentle when applying pressure to the Crayford wheel when turning 'or I am just to heavy handed'. On the base of the legs on the EQ3 mount are 3 rubber pyramid shaped feet which I suppose are meant to stabalise the mount from vibration??? Any pointers will be greatly appreciated and absorbed and put to good use. Thank you all for your time and patience with this newbie.
  5. 45 here and I must have been 8-9. 3 older brothers who watched Sky at night/
  6. Hello Spaceboy, well it is only down to the neighboursthat I don't take my scope out into the garden now, they've just moved in and not the type you wish to advertise things to. I am not a snob I just work hard for what I get. I also get paranoid about the sound of the shutter on the Canon, we don't get any sound at night around here. The pic's I took of Jupiter where actually taken inside my house, with the back door ajar.
  7. Hello everyone, and thank you for your replies. I have to apologise though, when I said I was unable to see Jupiter through my 150p Newt, I should have added "due to neighbours" cast of Shameless springs to mind, enough said. It is collimated ok just fear prevents me from showing. Brantuk! what would the viewing experience be for me if I was to get a 8mm Hyperion??? and how would I know if it was in good nick??? Thank you all for your time and patience and outstanding help
  8. I have many a time tried to see Jupiter through my scope, but to no avail, it is so bright I can only see a a sphere with a bright glow. I do not own any filters as to be honest I do not know which would be the best for me, I would say I live in a low light area but within a city. All images taken with my Canon 450d and a Tamron 55-200m telephoto zoom/macro lens 1st image; Well this was my view of Jupiter taken at normal focul range 2nd image; I used Live-view which allowed myself to zoom in x10, 2nd image Which I may add blew my mind as I didn't expect to see the Moons of Jupiter. The 3rd image has been cropped no PS help as I do not fully understand how to use it correctly.
  9. Congrat's Nick nice shot. I'd be pleased as punch, if that had have been a picture I took and was printed in a mag.
  10. I had posted this in the wrong forum earlier. Hello everyone, this pic I took lastnight, it was taken at 01:19. As we all know it was a cloudy night so I didn't expect anything at all. I just put my tripod and camera outside and pressed the button, I have touched it up in PS using only curves and levels. Camera was a Canon 450, lens was a Tamron 55-200
  11. Hello everyone, I've just received my SPC880 from Morgans this morning, but sadly I didn't know or realise that in order for me to view or record the nights sky it had to be flashed. I also didn't realise that it needed a filter and a webcam adapter, I am now an unhappy bunny. So what should be my next course of action???? Thank you all in advance.
  12. Pat_from_Hull

    The Moon.

    This was the 1st and 2nd time of photographing the Moon. Slighty out of focus 'down to me' fingers and thumbs.
  13. Sorry I didn't mean to hit the send button I was trying to upload 2 pic's of the only object I have been able to view and photograph the 'Moon', hopefully I have uploaded them now and thank you all for the nice welcome to your world. I look forward to picking peoples brains for their knowledge and experience. The smalle image of the Moon was taken with my Skywatcher 150p and my Canon 450d, I played about with the levels in Photoshop nothing more as I do not properly know how to use Photoshop, the 2nd image was taken with the Skywatcher my Canon and the Barlow x2, It is not in correct focus though as I was viewing it through my live view on my pc.
  14. Hello everyone I am Pat from Hull, when I was a kid my dad would take us all out into the back garden and view the stars through Bino's and a scope. My wife bought me a Skywatcher 150p which I am thrilled with and combined with my Canon 450d I hope to get some lovely photo's of Planets DSO's . I have always had an interest in our skies, sadly the skies over Hull on the East coast of UK have been overcast and rainy, so not much chance of seeing anything. I have taken a few shots of the Moon the other night
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