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  1. Do you no if its a 1 off or a series? Also just watched did we land on the moon on channel 5
  2. Completely wrong title ha. Scanning the skies it's called
  3. Anyone watching this on discovery? Watched some last night seems good
  4. Rip sir. Seeing the wonders from above now enjoy!
  5. thanks. im looking to buy and 10inch or 12 preferbly had the 8 but aperature fever kicked in...
  6. hope i can get a good deal like this when i go to purchase
  7. yehh it was at £280 when i posted it. at first i saw it at £ 231. thought was a steal, but still had 5 days left
  8. ended any1 on here get shot up in the last min
  9. just seen this seems a bargin, wish i had the money only 10 mins up the road http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Skywatcher-Skyliner-250px-Dobsonian-Telescope-10-Plus-Accessories-/170946742713?pt=UK_Photography_Telescopes&hash=item27cd3849b9
  10. good to be back hopefully going for the 10 or 12inch dob in next month or so
  11. yehh it looks real good. looks flash!i see i need more post for the classifed now though
  12. as the title says. loving look of this new forum and for sale section back
  13. I got the car sticker was abit annoyed that I had to pay postage upon receiving it . Would hav rather known an payed before hand. Now it's in my car
  14. just noticed you havent got your scope yet. just out of curiosty whats the ages of you lot who plan on going down there.
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