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  1. Hi, you might want to read this thread of mine http://stargazerslounge.com/beginners-help-advice/159546-advice-attaching-my-guidescope-my-main-scope-threadsize-please.html
  2. Nearest I have is a 5mm but I will give it a bash and see what happens.
  3. In daylight attached to the ST80 I get a good image when focussed on images (although max focus distance is about 80ft). I will take a screen grab of what I get in PHD when pointing at the night sky and post it up. I am absolutely running out of energy with this cam now. I have tried so many variations of setup, including extension tubes, barlows, diagonals and various combinations of all the above but all to no avail.
  4. I can get a reasonable image in daylight. Not tried indoors at night. Will test it tonight.
  5. Hi, thanks for responding. Yes I have been using the diagonal that comes with it (and tried not using it). The really odd thing is that in the daytime I can focus on fairly close objects no problem (around 40ft away) but I am almost right at the edge of inward travel of the focusser. For around 200ft away I can't achieve focus without a barlow due to insufficient inward travel. I have tweaked every possible setting at night, gain, shutter speed brightness FPS everything. I have used a 2x barlow and not, I have added an extension tube to give more outward travel but all I get is noise. I am seriously at a loss with this, I have spent upwards of 5 hours now trying to get some kind of an image of anything other than noise at night with no success at all
  6. I am actually ready to jump up and down on this and smash it to pieces now. I have had it out in the daytime ran it through PHD and can get it to focus, although I need to barlow it to get it to focus on distant objects. At night I have tried it with a prism, without a prism, with a barlow, without a barlow, with an extension tube, without an extension tube plus every conceivable combination of all the above. I have messed with shutter speeds, gain, brightness, FPS, everything and all I get in any situation is noise. Tonight I had it pointed at the double cluster, just to make sure there were stars in field. Nothing, just noise. Driving me a little insane right now.
  7. Here is a view down my Cheshire in my 200P in good collimation. Yours should be a similar view.
  8. Hi, yes thanks. I have frozen enough for one evening but will try it again tomorrow. I have selected Windows WDM style webcam. I was concerned the light on the front of the cam doesn't help either, although it seems little bleeds into the adapter. Is there anyway to turn this off or should I just take it out?
  9. Hi, I am using an ST80 with a flashed SPC900 to try and guide. The problem I have is that I just get a load of noise and no stars at all. I have been all the way through focus both with and without an extension tube but still noise and no stars. I have tried loads of exposure rates in PHD and various settings in the cam dialogue. If anyone uses an SPC with PHD and has some settings advice or other advice that would help me I would be really grateful.
  10. Observing is ok, its the aligning my polarscope that send my back crazy.
  11. Thanks to everyone for all your help on this, particularly Veracocha for pointing out what was sat right in front of me (a battered old dovetail in the shed). I went out and bought a couple of M6 bolts and hey presto. While the thread on the dovetail is unquestionably M6, my god it is machined within a tight tolerance. All I need now is clear skies. that will be next year then.
  12. I think they are incredible for single shot 45 sec exposures. Particularly the lack of noise.
  13. Cheshire all the way for me. I have never found the cheshire to be untrue. If it says it is collimated and I do a star test, it is always right. It's also cheap and easy.
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