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  1. € € € € ya for Naz, i always wondered how to get the euro symbol up , not that i'll be using it much.
  2. Some couriers won't give compensation for glass items, so as nobody has signed to accept delivery I'd just claim you couldn't find the parcel... a bit dishonest perhaps but one way to get compensation....you could always send them the eyepiece claiming you'd found it AFTER you got your compensation from them. No come back on the sender as it should've been signed for. As i said a bit naughty to do but might be the only way of getting your money back!! :shock: :shock: K_K
  3. Hi Peter and welcome to SGL, i too am not that far from you allthough in the other direction to Eddie in "Sunny" Porthcawl. K_K
  4. I remember those good old days too....nothing like the smell of Bullseye first thing in the morning! Did you ever go to the pistol Anno Domni shoots at Bisley Astro_Babe?
  5. Well done on your photo Saturn5, living near the coast i've often looked for the green flash myself but have never actually seen it let alone capture it on camera
  6. There was a super hero called The Flash and one called The Green Lantern and of course The Green Hornet but never heard of the Green Flash.
  7. Hi,the mirror is held into its cell by 3 clips so it won't fall out when turned upside down
  8. I'm signed up, and waiting for takeoff... Stewardess peanuts and a scotch please !!
  9. Can anyone tell me what i'll need to connect a nikon coolpix 4300 camera to a hyperion eyepiece. many thanks K_K
  10. Hi Paul, check out the for sale adds on here i'm sure i've seen a goto heq5 for sale and also an 8" f5 Newt. you cant go wrong with either in my opinion. Don't forget you'll need a few nice eyepieces as well as none of the standard eyepieces that come with the scopes are that good. k_k
  11. There's an 8" skywatcher newtonian for sale on here, all you'll need is a goto mount for it. regards K_K
  12. I've been told that faster scopes are more fussy with cheaper eyepieces, as I'm on a tight budget I'm looking to add a couple of inexpensive eyepieces to the 26mm series 4000 plossl i had with my scope. does anyone know if these eyepieces would be suitable for my 10" Europa f4.8 as they seem good value considering the exchange rate. http://www.owlastronomy.com/exwide.htm with maybe the 3.8 in this for planetary work http://www.owlastronomy.com/edeyepiece.htm or any suggestions for some inexpensive eyepieces i can get many thanks K_K
  13. I'll be doing visal work only for the near future and the cost of an EQ6 is wayyy too high for my pockets. I've been told my europa has quite a light ota, the Orion site says it's 10kgs. so i'm after the next best and cheapest alternative K_K
  14. Thanks for the info, the size scope should've been 10" not 102... my "shift" button is sticky. K_K
  15. Can anyone give me some help as to the pro's and cons of the following mounts, HEQ5, CG5, LXD75 I know the obvious one is the lxd is goto and the cg5 is undriven, but i'd like to know which would be the better built and likely to last longer, also which would be more suitable for mounting a 102 newtonion on. many thanks Kaptain_Kremmen
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