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  1. Thanks....great app...will put 47 Tuc near the top of my list, just under Pleades (or matariki in maori)....shame I cannot get to see Orions belt as I really want to have a look at the horsehead nebula...
  2. Question though....how the heck did you take the photo of earth?
  3. As a total newbie what are the things I should be looking for...what is most visible in the southern hemisphere?
  4. What a great welcome from all you guys...thank you....tried out the scope good and proper last night after I spent about an hour calibrating the finder scope....was such a clear night and got some good looks at the moon....the only difficulty I have is movement when using the 4mm eyepiece...how the heck do you stabilize it properly other than setting the thing in concrete? oh and the silverware IS staying here for all you rugby fanatics!
  5. it is pretty awesome aye...I was out getting the cows in at 5.50 am asbout two weeks ago when I looked up to the North-east I saw a meteorite burning up on an east west course....and man, was it bright! lit up the whole sky like a good search and rescue flare does...I heard a supersonic boom not long after I saw it so it must have been rather close!
  6. But thats all backwards....every one knows the longest day is in December
  7. Yeah i was down just after the June one to visit friends...it sure is sad but it WILL be rebuilt!
  8. Shaky is right...I was based there until Feb 27th...the quake on the 22nd was enough to send me packing...And I quite like Palmy too!!!
  9. I am sure you know what....where in NZ are ya?
  10. And hoping we will be taking the silverware too!
  11. Heya from me, Bren. This is my second post and thought I'd better say hi. I am from Palmerston North in New Zealand and have just got my first scope...been meaning to get one for years but never had. the area I live in is rural with hardly any light interferance and the winter nights (yes it's winter here) are very clear. The scope I ended up with is a Celestron Powerseeker 114...second hand but is in new condition...a lot bigger than what i first thought as got it from an auction site. checked out the moon last night and all I can say is wow...its not a bad piece of kit for a starter... Anyway, Gidday from me... p.s in case you aint guessed i am a bike rider too!
  12. great to find this thread and site...i have just bought a powerseeker 114 off trademe (a local auction site)...anyway am trying to set it up today and calibrate the viewfinder to the telescope...they don't quite line up yet...blumming telescope is a lot bigger than I thought it would be ...last one I had was a hand held one when i was a nipper.... Anyway gidday from new Zealand (-:
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