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  1. Hello Everyone again, and thanks for all your welcomes. And Greg, thank you for taking the time with that reply. That more than gives me a sense of direction, it opens up a world of avenues to look into, so thanks for that. I hope you are still enjoying your star gazing as much today. What a great forum!
  2. Hello Everyone, This is a friendly place isn't it! And many thanks Steve, for the info. Will head of into the internet to try and track down back issues. Rob
  3. Many thanks for the welcome. If anyone can help they could maybe email me at robs7g@yahoo.com The questions won't be too intense or anything, I just don't want to make any glaring mistakes.
  4. Hello everyone, Sorry to post here with a request for info straight away, but I need to pick some astronomy brains. I'm working on a book where one of the characters takes up astronomy in the 1990's in the north of England and I have a few questions it would be great to get answers to, such as what telescope would my character use, what astronomy magazines were available at the time, that kind of thing. Would anyone who was a keen astronomer in the 1990's be willing to answer any questions? All I can offer as a thank you is a possible acknowledgement in the book. And sorry again to post jus
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