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  1. A sad day but what a contribution he made and for so many years.
  2. I think I saw it for the first time last night with an 8 inch dob. It was about 11pm. I was focussing attention on an area of the upper (from my view) cloubank that was distorted.
  3. Unfortunately the weather looked too bad for me to travel down. I apologise for being a wimp and hope you have a good time and some clear sky.
  4. This is my photo in preparation for Thursday. Whether the rest of the family come down Friday evening will depend on the weather prospects!
  5. I'm now confirmed for this. I'll be there from Thursday to Sunday with EHU. Wife and two boys (ages 8 and 5) will come down from the Friday evening onwards.
  6. I'm also very keen to attend this meeting. This would be myself, the wife and 2 children. Good luck with the organisation and thanks for the efforts so far.
  7. I'd also like to thank everyone who organised this fantastic event. Thanks to NickK, Pete, JonH, Reddross and Taliesin in particular for help, advice or general chat. Also have to emphasise how well Pete took the demise of his mount and was very impressed when he caught the 10inch newt when it flew off. I hope it is all repairable but if not this is an excellent excuse for a new scope!
  8. I'd also like to say thank you for providing the Wifi access. It made it much easier to check emails etc and keep up with work especially on the Thursday and Friday. Thanks again.
  9. I also didn't hang around before booking tent + EHU. Hopefully first SGL meeting after my first star party in Peak District last year.
  10. I can echo altruythm's comments. The PSP was my first starparty. I was there with my 7 year old but suspect that for SGL I'll be there by myself. No matter what, your next door neighbours will be keen to chat and help out and noone minded being approached to say hello.
  11. I had a similar question, primarily focussed on watching meteor showers without doing a permanent neck injury. The recommendation of DavidOfBanff looks ideal for me (although the diy contraption looks great) and it gets great reviews on Amazon. Thanks for the HeadsUp.
  12. Always been interested in our origins in the broadest sense since school. I also enjoyed 'Cosmos'. But at the age of 40 felt the need to do something other than work. I now get frustrated more about clouds than career issues which isn't such a bad thing.
  13. Interesting photos. Is it me or is the finderscope the wrong way round in the bracket? Is that the original front end of the finderscope? Maybe the lack of the bolt has caused problems in the past! I also wonder whether the sky remote is included: did the owner get confused by the name 'skywatcher'? It means something different in relation to TVs I suspect.
  14. This was at about 1850 heading east about a full moon disk above the moon. It was moving very flat. I checked with an app on my phone that confirmed it was the ISS. You might have seen this but there are also other satellites that would be visible this time of the evening. As far as I know the ISS is the brightest and the only one that there is a realistic chance of seeing any detail (even if this is just an impression that it is not just a blob).
  15. Clear in Birmingham (at least before I had to put children to bed). Was looking at the moon earlier and managed to spot the ISS going past. As it was low and flat was able to follow the track on an 8 inch dob (at x100) and think I could make out a bit of definition (maybe this was wishfull thinking). I've previously found the ISS impossible to see with the Skymax.
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