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  1. Hi, Chris. I am sure by now you must have succeeded in getting ISS transit photo. Just to share my experience with you- Starfields :: Solar Transit of International Space Station ( ISS ) picture by debasisslg - Photobucket the fast passing object ISS, that moves entire solar or lunar disc (30minutes) in 1/2 sec, needs extremely short duration of shutter opening. My images are of 1/1600 sec. This will further go up in case you increase the EFL of the optical system while shooting. I was using around EFL 2000mm. I dont know whether SPC 900 allows this kind of high shutter speed or not. An approximation can be done by shooting a blade of a fan running at low and known rpm with this SPC 900. With the the blurr angle of a single blade, its shutter speed can be determined. Regards- Debasis
  2. Hi Cgarry, Thanks. Installed FC and it is working, though with some kind of error messages. I found filters and subjects too in it. Which combination should I use while shooting Sun through Coronado PST? Regards- debasis BTW: Could you please enlighten me on CH4 filter? What is it?
  3. Hi, Just got a Celestron C8 ASGT. Had some problem initially in setting its time- as my country India comes in GMT + 5.5 hr time zone and the scope takes time at full one hour succession without any scope to put decimal figure. However, the problem is solved- credit and thus my thanks go to experienced friends in this forum. I am now in trouble in connecting the scope with computer as my laptop does not have any Serial port. Got a Chinese cheap USB - Serial converter from E Bay. But that does not work in Win7 loaded in my laptop. Found a different and a bit more serious converter here- USB to RS232 Converter - RX, TX, RTS, CTS [1170] : Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development I am sure, some of our experienced friends in this forum must be be having detail idea about this converter. Please enlighten me. SWAN
  4. Hi, Tried time zone to 5hr + and subtracted 30 min from IST. It worked. Thanks to all for suggestions- Regards- Debasis
  5. Thanks Friends for your suggestions. What if i totlly ignore the local time and time zone and input only GMT of my observation time along with exact Coordinate of my location? I'll try that tonight. In case anyone has any experience of puting things in this way, please share. Thanks and regards- Debasis
  6. Hi, Thanks. Firstly, it never asked for any driver earlier. Next, the machines asking for drivers even when the cables are connected to their usual ports. Interestingly, though the cables are behaving unexpectedly in both of my machines, these are working perfectly in another machine unknown to the cables. Any suggestion? Please. BTW, taken a USB connection via RJ45 connector set and connecting my Camera Scope with computer through LAN Cable via these connectors. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have been using active USB cable (LIke this: 16FT USB 2.0 ACTIVE Repeater Extension Cable | eBay) to connect my Laptop or Desktop(Both Win XP) and DSLR (Nikon D 50) fitted to my 5"Refractor. After working perfectly for couple of days, now whenever I connect the cable, both of my computers ask for 'DRIVER.' I tested the cable by connecting it to another desktop and then attaching a Pen Drive on other end of the cable, it worked perfectly. What could have gone wrong? Is there anything to do with my computers or the Cable got somehow damaged? Please enlighten me- Regards- Debasisslg
  8. Hi, Does anyone have Sam Brown's "All about Telescope" book in soft form? Is it at all available in soft? Debasis
  9. Hi, Could anyone please suggest me some place or link to get the original software content of the CD that comes bundled with Philips SPC900 Webcam? I have a SPC880 flashed to SPC900. But with the available software I am unable to shoot still frames at its highest resolution. I am getting only 640x480 avi files to grab stills from that. Please help- Thanks Debasisswan
  10. Thanks to you all. Now it is clear to me that the resolving strength of any objective is directly proportionate to its effective aperture, not the actual aperture. If I have understood you correctly- So, suppose a good 8" scope (Actual Dia is 8") gives actual resolving strength of 200X against its theoretically possible strength of 400X. But if fitted with a 3" Solar filter, its effective Dia becomes 3" only. So, now it will give 200/8 x 3 = 75x and it will have its theoretically possible resolving strength of 400/8 x 3 = 150x. Thanks a lot- Regards- Debasisswan
  11. Hi, I am a new comer. Thanks for taking me in. I need your help to clarify my doubt on one issue. Please forgive me in case this is not the right place for this question or in case the topic has already bee discussed here. As a rule of thumb, we know that resolving strength of an objective is approximately 50x per inch of Objective Diameter. So, for a 8" Objective- resolving strength should be 8 x 50 = 400x Now, if I use a 3" musked filter like Solar Filter (The off axis kind ones normally used in Cataoptrics or Reflectors), the effective dia of the objective becomes 3" though the objective material remains the same. Will it alter the resolving strength of the system? I mean, whether the resolving strength will remain 400X or it will come down to 3 x 50 = 150x? I am not considering the change in focal ratio aught to come due to masking of the objective. Thanks in advance- Debasisswan
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