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  1. Thanks for the tip Peter. Thanks for the offer Marky, I might well take you up on it. As well as which Binos what mount to put them on a tripod?
  2. ON 20th Dec this year we are taking our little girl to Lapland to meet Santa. Due to the lack of light pollution and how far north we'll be I'm not going to miss out on skies up there, 4 hours "daytime" means plenty of time for viewing and fingers crossed for some aurora activity. Which Bino's would be best? I've discounted a travel scope due to the 0 to -20 temperatures and the lenses/optics freezing over. Or have I made a wrong assumption anywhere.
  3. Back home and just about sorted out. Thank you to all who were there and made it a cracking weekend and made us feel very welcome just a shame about the skies not playing ball over the weekend, although I feel very lucky to have seen Saturn through Mike's Obsession. A special Thanks must go to Nina for the facilities and hospitality and to Mike for the organising and to all those that provided delicious food. We will definitely be back for the next one and with the huge praise that Mike and Kenny have for Galloway we are booked in up there so will see you all there as well.
  4. Im booked in after some very high praise at CSP 10.
  5. Did I read in one of the previous CSP threads there is a suitable potable water supply?
  6. I was using 2 SW Super 25mm. we didn't use the 2" adapter just had the 2" to 1.25" adapter that connects to the focuser. Thanks for the info on the Barlow
  7. We tried bodging the 2" to 1.25" as we didn't have a proper one to hand and it didn't seem to work. We used a x2 Barlow lens so maybe a 1.6 would have worked.
  8. I have a SW 200P, my wife finds that it strains her eyes somewhat and yesterday we tried out a Binoviewer that seems to alleviate the problem. It does however throw up another issue, due to the very short back focus distance of the 200p focusing has become an issue. From what I have been told and some reading I believe I need to increase the back focus distance, we tried initially to use a Barlow lens (removed from the body and screwed on to the Binoviewer) but to no avail. Does anybody have a solution? Would a low profile focuser work?
  9. Need to check with my better half but looks like we should be able to come across for a couple of nights. Are kids (6 1/2 yr old) and dogs allowed? Both are very well behaved. Now to sort out the camping gear!
  10. Far enough away from earth to look in and see dinosaurs, then hop forward to see the Milky Way and Andromeda collide. Failing that, a good length stay on ISS. (reading Cmdr Hadfield's book and im hooked)
  11. Don't ask a master brewer about full moons they are very superstitious about them. So who knows what brews will be made on a super moon
  12. My method of sussing out names: Step 1 read word. Step 2 make up a word that sounds like it uses the right letters. Step 3 Wait for someone more with better astronomical knowledge than me (their numbers are vast) to say it and compare to my version. I am stuck with one though: Sun. I cant get past saying It as Hot or Bright.
  13. Oh poo!!! only got another 3 weeks then out of the country for 6 months without any scope and plenty of light pollution
  14. Dammit why did I have to see this 2 days late. Was it any good?
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