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  1. Well here we go, I`ve eventually taken the plunge and it feels good!!!! One skywatcher heritage 130p dobsonian , barlow lens and moon filter ordered and should be here tomorrow. yipppeeeee So sorry guys prepare for cloudy skies! Thanks again to everyone for all their advice and opinions it has been more than appreciated. I`ll let you know how I get on.
  2. right here goes, firstly thanks to all who have taken the time to give advice, I think I have decided on the skywatcher heritage 130P dobsonian. Why - because it is easy to carry around and set up, it is IMHO a reasonably equiped first telescope , the cost is favorable to get started with and bearing in mind it will mostly be used after consuming a few glasses of bordeaux in the depths of french countryside will give me better results than what I have now which is a big fat nothing . I can get all my practicing done with this and hopefully move on to bigger and better things in time. Secondly, any recommendations on extras to buy for it, for example different EP, moon filter, I even read about a deep sky filter???? thanks again
  3. thanks guys, i was just looking into the skywatcher heritage 130p dobsonian flexitube, seems to have fab reviews and is really portable, but will look into your suggestions, heres to more researching
  4. wow, thanks guys for all the very informative replies. This is certainly a very welcoming forum and one that I am glad I found. I will take on board all the advice given but sorry to say time is a bit of the essence. I am off to France in just over a week and need to buy before then. Have done months of research and each time i think i have come up with something suitable i find some more information and go off in another direction. I think what I need is :- something not too complicated or time consuming to set up for a complete beginner, nothing too big and heavy so I will be able to manage it myself.(I can always build up to this with bigger better and more complex scopes in time) SWAMP THING - thanks i have looked at the F length and it`s a 900mm F/7 so not sure now if I should not bother with the skywatcher explorer 130 ...ahhhhhhhhhhh:confused: back to the drawing board me thinks .
  5. Hi complete newbie, have read and re read through previous postings but still would like to ask....... want to buy my first telescope and have done hours of research, i have come to the decision of a Skywatcher explorer 130, but then i read about the 130P which is more expensive but has parabolic mirrors which i understand would be better. I then found the 1145P which is cheaper but has the P, so if i cant stretch to the higher cost would I be better off with a 1145p with the parabolic mirror or to stick with the 130 non parabolic. Hope this makes sense and thanks for reading. Joanne
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