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  1. Hi Lee, welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Catherine, welcome to SGL
  3. Thats a stunning photo! Looks amazing!
  4. Very nice image...Seems like the technology available to us these days are allowing this sort of imaging...the hobby can only get stronger
  5. Hello Rapallokid, welcome to SGL!
  6. Taliesin

    Hello all

    Hello Chris, Welcome to SGL
  7. Taliesin

    Hi all...

    Welcome Nicholas!
  8. Taliesin

    on a mission

    Hi a_canuck welcome!
  9. Hi Coxy, fellow IT Engineer here. Welcome to SGL!
  10. stunning photo! The ED80 really are cracking scopes!
  11. Fantastic image! I love the M31 everytime I look at images of it...still amazes me at just how big an object it is in reality! Nice work!
  12. That is absolutely stunning! Really like the images! I have been toying with the idea of a second scope between the ST80 and the ST102, this may go along way to convincing me to go for the latter! I know a lot of work will have gone into getting it to how you have but it definitely paid off!
  13. Taliesin


    Hi CThody, Those are really impressive shots, I have the same setup and didn't think you could get as good as those with the mount we have especially unguided. I'm gonna have to give it a go!
  14. I saw orion unaided last night around 1am, I didn't know it was up in the sky by that time! It was too late for me to get the scope out with work this morning, I had a quick peak with my 9x50 finder and even with that it looks amazing, just about make out the haze of the nebula, I can't wait to see it with my scope!
  15. Hi Mike, I use mine for observing at the moment but will also use it for imaging when I get my new camera. It is stated by the manufacturers that it reduces exposure time by a factor of 3! Mr Spock - Have a look here: Reducer - Corrector (item #94175) / Photo & visual accessories / Accessories / Products / Celestron.com It does increase the field of view as stated above and as I stated on other threads on this forum it is a cheaper alternative than to 2" eyepieces. With the FR your field of view is increased as much as it would with a 2" eyepiece but without the 100's of pounds price tag with the varying eyepieces you would need. As for imaging where you don't use eyepieces (prime focus) the FR will increase your FOV as it effectively converts an f10 to an f6.3. The converging cone is made steeper with the FR thus increasing the field of view. I have one myself and have noticed the increased FOV with and without the FR using the same eye piece. Also have a look here which is a great site for SCT owners Schmidt Cassegrain telescope advice - astrophotography accessories Hope this helps
  16. I also have a C8 and as mentioned above the optics are identical. Its down to the mount whether you want the EQ or the Alt/Az One thing I will add is that you have the choice of 2" accessories but an alternative that may work out cheaper if to get a Celestron F6.3 focal reducer. This effectively turns your scope into a dual purpose scope. Without the FR your scope is a fantastic planetary scope for both observing and imaging. With the FR you open up the realms of DSOs especially for imaging and also reduces exposure time. I have recently bought one for my C8 and it is now my most important accessory in my case Hope others can add to this and hope it helps you decide
  17. For me it was my first view of Jupiter through a C8 on a very clear night which brought about my first WOW, it's always been one of my 2 fav planets (the other being Saturn but I've yet to see it for myself through a scope.
  18. Hi Faulksy, I have a celestron F6.3 focal reducer which I use with my C8 f10 scope and put simply your scope becomes 2 scopes in 1. Without the FR as you probably know, planetary observing and photography is fantastic and the f10 scts are amongst the best for this. However they do not have a big enough Field of View for DSO. Well with the Focal reducer your scope becomes an f6.3 and increases your field of view as well as correcting the image to give you stunning views of DSOs. Anyone who has one of these scope in my opinion should have a FR as one of the most important accessory in their kit. Hope this helps Regards Haz
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