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  1. Hi All, A quick question.... Which is better for deep sky imaging? A Canon EOS 1000d modded with a Baader BCF Filter to increase Ha sensitivity OR A Starlight Xpress MX716 Mono CCD? Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. Hi All, I'm in 2 minds about my imaging setup...so would appreciate some advice! I have an ed80-DS-Pro, a Baader BCF Filter modded EOS 1000d DSLR, and a Celestron C8 SCT My question is which would be the better setup in terms of quality...for deep sky! The ED80-DS PRO and Modded EOS1000d OR The Celestron C8 SCT with Hyperstar and a Starlight MX716 Mono CCD? Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  3. Hi All, I have a bit of a dilemma and am hoping some of you Hyperion users will be able to advise. I have 6 Hyperion eyepieces 8mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 21mm and 24mm I also have the Baader tuning rings so can convert some of the eyepieces to different focal lengths which I know about but take into account screwing/unscrewing the rings into the eyepieces when it's near or below freezing can be tedious! I'm looking to expand my imaging setup so thinking of selling some and wanted opinions on which to keep and which to sell? To help with the decision, I use it on a Celestron C8 SCT and an ed80-ds-pro which both seem good for the eyepieces. Ideally I would like to keep 3-4 of them and sell the rest (keeping the rings obviously) Any advise will be greatly appreciated!
  4. Taliesin

    SGL8 Dates are now set.

    I went to my first SGL last year with my mate/colleague Paul and we had a great time. Everyone was so welcoming not to mention so helpful with us being novices. I'm looking forward to SGL8...can't wait!
  5. I'll be there on Blue 288 from Fri-Sun - can't wait! Went to SGL7 for my first Star Party and really enjoyed it so looking forward to this...still a newbie but learning fast!
  6. I've just ordered some for my C8 SCT which is a post 1980 scope so I needed knobs with the old standard 6-32 thread. The PC thumb screws are these but when I tried them, they weren#t long enough so went ahead and ordered them on Sunday, got an email yesterday saying they are being shipped today...should have done this a long time ago as my scope hasn't yet been perfectly collimated up till now so hopefully these will sort it out
  7. Very sad to hear the news about Kev My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends. RIP Kev
  8. I have a C8 SCT on an EQ6 and also have a William Optics Zenithstar 66. I know I can piggyback the WO ZS 66 on top of the SCT thus allowing me to guide the SCT. However (I also have a Celestron focal reducer) is it possible to use the SCT and the FR as a guidescope to image with the WO? Has anyone used the C8 SCT as a guidescope? If this works then it saves me having to buy an ST80 to guide the WO. Any advise will be greatly appreciated Regards Haz
  9. Hi Azure, Its good to see your enthusiasm for astrophotography. I too was in a similar situation and was advised to read 'Making Every Photon Count' a great book made by Steve Richards who is a member on this forum. His book is a great place to start which discusses the basics of astrophotography including equipment, techniques and how to get started with some DIY tips as well. It's available from FLO for around £22 here This book will help you decide which way you want to go and also talks about processing the images afterwards. I have to say it is a great investment and one I am glad I spent the money on HTH
  10. I just want to say, Paul and I had a fantastic time at our first star party! Everyone was so welcoming and gave lots of advise and help to get us going. I want to particularly thank Mark (Osteoblast) Justin (Roddus) Nick (NicKK) Kevin (Photosbykev) and Dave (Rowan46) for their help, advice and general company and making us feel very welcome at our first event! A huge thank you to Daz and all involved for making this event such a success (The only thing I regret is not knowing about previous such events and hence missing out on them!) For us this will definitely be a regular event! Thanks again to all!
  11. I'll be there Sat and Sunday night...I will have a spare socket available for charging during the day if anyone wants to.
  12. I agree, definitely research into scopes and mounts/whole setups. Try and get an understanding of what the different scope types are capable of and how easy and difficult they are to use. Dobs as mentioned above aren't the easiest to use and GOTOs again as mentioned above aren't the easiest to setup. As far as AP is concerned, read Steve Richards Every Photon Counts. A cracking book for beginners through to advanced users alike. With regards to visual observing, once you know what the different types of scopes allow you to view (reflectors, refractors, cadioptics and related hybrids is a good place to start) then you can go one step further to see what setup comes with that particular type of scope type. I would take your time over this otherwise you'll find yourself either going off the hobby because of disappointment or selling your new equipment because you want something better. Hope this helps Haz
  13. Booked tent with EHU for Sat and Sun nights! This will be my first Star Party so very excited!
  14. Hi Barry, I'm sure there will be many responses to your question. I'll add my 2 pence worth, the Nexstar 8se is a good setup for visual planetary observing. The scope is very popular, I have one too. However the mount with this setup is what's called an alt/as mount in that it moves up n down and left n right to put it in simple terms. For astrophotography, especially deep space objects you will need long exposure photos and so you would have to track the object for a length of time and this requires you to have an equatorial mount which follows the curve of the Earth's orbit and will hence let you track properly. Tue C8 which is the scope you get with a Nexstar 8se setup has a small field of view which isn't ideal for large deep space objects but is good for planets and small deep space objects. You need to have a small focal ratio telescope to allow for deep space imaging. I would highly recommend you do some more research before spending to ensure you get the right scope and mount which is just as important if not more than the scope itself Hope the helps Regards Haz Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  15. Yep, mine is set to record. There is also an extra stargazing part to the SG show 9:30-10:00 I've set both to record!
  16. Hi Paul, welcome to SGL
  17. Yep, can't wait, it's forecast for clear skies here in the West Midlands too...I've been looking forward to this for a while now.
  18. Hi Green, To add my pennies worth, I am also a C8 user and I see you would like to use your 1.25" eyepieces so the FR is the way to go. There are 4 brands that I looked into when I bought mine, Celestrons own, Meade, Antares and Hirsch. I ended up going for the Celestron which is the most expensive out of the lot, however based on reviews and my own opinion having used it, it is a fantastic buy and one that's made my C8 faster to allow for wider FOV. If you can stretch a few more pounds then go for the Celestron brand. HTH
  19. Welcome Jay, you'll soon be addicted to this forum before you know it Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  20. Hi Claire another fellow Brummie here too I'm also fairly new to astronomy...welcome to SGL
  21. Hi Derek, fellow West Midlands here, welcome to SGL and the world of Astronomy! Hope u have Clear Skies for Sunday
  22. Taliesin

    Not even a novice

    Hi Punchy, welcome to SGL!
  23. Hi Dude, welcome to SGL
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