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  1. Thanks all, this is provisionally sold now, however if it doesn't work out will post further here.
  2. I am unable to make Kelling next week and so have my pitch available for sale. I am gutted but can't help it due to unforeseen circumstances. The pitch is in the Blue Butterfly area. The confirmation email will be sent to you upon payment. Paid £42, Looking for £35 (I'll cover the PayPal fees). PM me if interested and I can give you my number to discuss further on the phone. Haz
  3. It was a pleasure for me, Shabbir and Minhaal to meet so many people, get so much advice, help and tips! It really was an awesome event! A massive thank you to Grant, Daz and all the organisers of the event and all those who gave me their advice on my dob. A special thanks to Nick (Cotterless45) for your notes, the book and all the advice! A special thanks to Daz for the tutorial! I hope to give it a go very soon! Hoping to make the next SGL event and to see you all again! Thanks again!
  4. Thank you Grant! The timing is just right for us!
  5. Thanks Grant. Sorry if this has already been asked but what time can we arrive and setup on the booked arrival day?
  6. Sorry to hear of your loss Alan, thoughts are with you and your family. Haz
  7. Hi, I'm going, will be there within the hour. I'm going to the first session conference then wondering around the exhibition till about 3 before I have head back.
  8. Great image! Lots of detail Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi Craig Welcome back and good to see you are on the mend! Stay positive and keep looking ahead! Good luck!
  10. Hi and welcome Roseholme, This forum should help you get all the information you need
  11. Hi and welcome to SGL NL, seems like you have good skies near you! If only they were like that here.
  12. Very nice image Ian!
  13. Hi, I have a C11 and I use one of these from B & Q lined with foam. Its just the right fit thought doesn't allow for too much padding but I've not had any issues with it. There is also a 76L one in the same design, not sure which one I have but its leaves about half a foot on either side and an inch on the sides. HTH