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  1. Hi Vlaiv, Thank you for your response And feedback. I’m getting back into AP after a few years and this was just a quick test of the new camera. Ordinarily I would stack them manually in DSS or similar. I was just worried about the number of hot pixels someone had raised concerns so wanted it to be checked out. I’ve also taken note of the driver issue. I have the ascom ones installed but in hurry and haste I just went with whatever it connected at the time but again will ensure things are setup properly. It was good to hear that my camera hasn’t got too many hot pixels. I’ll be
  2. Hi All, I have a new QHY183M and using this camera for the first time, I have taken 20 dark frames using Sharpcap pro using the capture darks option at unity gain cooled at -5 and -10 degrees at 60 seconds to create 2 master dark frames. The image when stretched shows a lot of speckles. My questions are, is this normal for a CMOS and this particular camera? Are there an unusually large amount of hot pixels? I'd appreciate it if someone could look at them and let me know if this is normal for darks for a sensor like this or whether my sensor has issues. Images are attached.
  3. All Items now SOLD Mods for some reason I cannot change the original advert anymore so cannot put COMPLETED on it. Please archive the advert as it is now complete! Thanks
  4. Hi Richard, The camera is still available for sale. I’ve sent you an email with contact details. Haz
  5. Both CCD cameras now £400 posted (final price) no offers please.
  6. I have for sale my Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Synscan GoTo mount and tripod for sale. The mount is in full working order. It has just had its main circuit board replaced with a brand new one from Bernard at Modern Astronomy (proof of purchase can be shown to potential buyers). The mount comes with the following items: *Upgraded Alt-Az hand bolts *DC jack to Cigarette Lighter cable. *SynScan V3 handset + cable (V3.37) *Serial to RJ11 firmware update cable *EQDirect module and USB cable (for computer control. Including drivers that work on all modern Windows ve
  7. Scope sold, other items, CCD cameras and eyepieces still for sale
  8. I’ve recently upgraded my scope and need to sell some of the items. Starlight Xpress SXV-H9 mono CCD with Autoguide head, all cables, power adapter and drivers supplied on DVD Camera is great working order. Looking for £450 posted Qhy8 OSC camera (square one), comes with the adjustable TEC unit to lower and increase fan speed, all cables, power adapter and drivers supplied on DVD Camera is great working order. Looking for £450 posted (SOLD) Celestron Luminos 15mm (82 degrees widefield view) eyepiece in very good condition complete with caps a
  9. Thanks all, this is provisionally sold now, however if it doesn't work out will post further here.
  10. I am unable to make Kelling next week and so have my pitch available for sale. I am gutted but can't help it due to unforeseen circumstances. The pitch is in the Blue Butterfly area. The confirmation email will be sent to you upon payment. Paid £42, Looking for £35 (I'll cover the PayPal fees). PM me if interested and I can give you my number to discuss further on the phone. Haz
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