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  1. With a few more hours that will be stunning, love the fov!! Wp
  2. I vividly remember seeing m42 appear on my mates laptop via his Atik 2hs, after that I was hooked!! I think you just need to do what "you" want and enjoy, its a hobby afterall... Wp
  3. Looks ok from where I'm sitting. The low elevation won't help unless your in Oz..... Wp
  4. Crikey!! The seeing must have been good to get this quality!!! Wp
  5. I've heard of people controlling the scope from the home but not from a phone while fishing!! Wp
  6. I think you should give DSO a bash Neil! Wp
  7. I'm trying to make to same decision.....more Naglers or keep ccd? Wp
  8. My vote would be for the Baader LRBGC filters. Mine were parfocal as are there narrow band filters. Google Panther Observatory.... Wp
  9. I was too busy in Sagittarius last night!! Not very often you get a crystal clear night ( blue to the horizon) here. If its clear tonight I'll try and remember I'll have a look!! Wp
  10. Theres more going on in this part of the sky than you think. Very nice. Any plans to Hubble it? Wp
  11. Great looking Jupiter, i reckon you could shapren it up a bit more... Wp
  12. Nice image, what camera was it taken with? Wp
  13. Bargains do come up now and again. I've just purchased an orion europa 10" with hilux mirrors for less than the dob cost!! Wp
  14. Great first Ha pic, i'd be happy just to reach it!! Wp
  15. Pin sharp Franck, can`t wait to see it for myself.... Wp
  16. DMK 21 gets my vote... (USB or Firewire) Wp
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