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  1. I use a camels hair paint brush on the end of a garden cane to gently "tickle" off the big bits of muck and that's it. Im with danny too, if it's that bad, dont b scared to get the primary out and clean it.
  2. To collimate prior to observing is as necessary as fitting an eyepiece for me it's part of my setup ritual. Very quick and easy to do with a laser collimator which are worth buying imho.
  3. I too watched the landing on ustream, nerve wracking yet very exciting next up, december the fourth!!
  4. Nice one, was that Graham's outreach event? Say hi to the gang for me!! I will soon be back to my former fuzzy glory lol!!
  5. So I finally managed to get the scope out last week... I know, ive taken my time to get to writing about it!! Throughout the day I was continually checking the weather reports to ensure i was on to a winner of a night, and my luck was in - clear until three am I impatiently waited for the sun to clear off and while i waited, I forgot that I still hadn't pulled my finger out and sorted a light shroud and dew shield for my latest scope (skywatcher 250px flex tube) so I rummaged through the garage for some cardboard and duct tape.... Job done!! I just hoped that it didn't get too dewy but yet
  6. Nice one i had a nice little list of dso's to mooch at on friday night.... But the veil was my one and only stop! I spent 40 mins on it at least, using my 32mm, OIII and UHC filters with a.v through my 10" dob. Great object!
  7. Here is my re processed M51, 4.5hr @300sec subs with darks. No flats. Hope you like
  8. I get plenty of satellites in my subs
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