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  1. The site was only launched today There are a few questions, http://www.askanastronomer.co.uk/questionarchive.php more will obviously follow.
  2. Wow this is an old one! lol. But seeing as it's come back up, for anyone else looking to get in to astronomy a brief run down can be found here Ask an Astronomer - Becoming an Astronomer
  3. I think astro boot maybe the way to go, there are a few possible options. Does anyone know if the ETX 90 and 70 have the same bolt positions for mounting? Or more specifically, if an ETX 70 will go on an ETX 90 wedge. Cheers
  4. I'm in Hatfield, South Hertfordshire Thanks! Doesn't seem to be the modified one you mentioned but there is one for an ETX 90 in astroboot which may work. Failing that I might try my luck in the wanted section.
  5. Something like that sounds ideal. I'll go take a look see if they still do something similar, thanks!
  6. HI all, I have just got hold of a Meade ETX 70 GOTO but it currently has no tripod. I dont really want to shell out £200 for the Meade deluxe version on an OTA / GOTO system only worth half that, so I was wondering if anyone has had exprience with alternative options? Thanks, Vokes
  7. Hi all, I was wondering if someone with one of these (http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetail-bars/adm-vixen-type-dovetail-with-wide-top.html) could make a few measurements for me (or knows where I can find them on the web). I am after the maximum separation the mounting bolts can be (i.e. the largest separation of the holes across the dovetail) and the width of the holes themselves (i.e. the maximum diameter a bolt could be to fit). I am in the middle of refurbishing my large refractor but I am unsure as to whether the rings will actually fit a retail dovetail. WO have a nice dimensional dia
  8. Awesome, thanks! Big 30 coming up so hopefully people will be feeling generous to fund my habit
  9. Hi all, I have a Telementor which I will, at some point, want to mount. I was wondering if anyone knew whether the dovetail which comes fitted is of a standard type (i.e. Losmandy or Vixen)? If not, has anyone had experience mounting this? Would simply removing the fitted dovetail and using some rings do the job? I would also like to do some simple imaging with it, which means somehow getting a 1.25 inch nose piece onto the 0.9 inch focuser. Does anyone know if there are adapters available for this or any home made fixes? Cheers, Vokes
  10. Measuring distances (hence travel time) in space is at best a tricky business. I guess the best way of thinking about it is we have been "running away" from the light for the last 13 billion years and now it has caught us up. Comoving distance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  11. Probably the best comparison in everyday terms is air travel. A flight from London to New York doesn't go in a straight line which we normally perceive as the shortest route, but instead follows a path which allows for the Earth's curvature. In relativity this is known as a null geodesic.
  12. You may want to see how much difference gravitational time dilation makes as well (and if you are feeling really clever, account for any gravitational assists along the way)
  13. It's very closely related to the equation in your signature ...
  14. Don't have the time to give a full explanation now, but "nothing can travel faster than light" is probably the most commonly quoted and misleading statement in astronomy. Nothing can travel through space faster than light, the universe itself can travel as fast as it likes It's to do with things such as co-moving distance, I gave wiki a quick scan and seems pretty accurate http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observable_universe#Size
  15. That was my initial thought; however, the funny jump down in size from one side of the hole to the other has kinda thrown me.
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