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  1. I was thinking about what your opinions are on wide angle lenses for startrails for example do the fisheye ones ruin the startrail im thinking on buying the Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC HSM and when i read reviews about these cheaper wide angle lenses they talk about distortion, does this distortion affect the startrail? or what would your reccomend for around a similar price range thanks guys
  2. thanks for the info im now in a mega rush to make one before the Venus transit but what if i dont have a screw on dew shield ? what else can i use instead and get hold of quickly
  3. yeah i started reading about them will see what i can do over the weekend i went to the cathedral to do one there but because it was Saturday the Cathedral lights were on think i should do it when they arent on as the is just too much light also went to the pier head and getting a startrail with the liver buildings is impossible as far as i can see the light pollution is just too much around there any other land mark you would like to see ? i plan on going to sefton park to try and get the palm house i got planned getting the lighthouse at new brighton and the lighthouse at moreton with startrails behind them
  4. ANT: Removed Comment yeah i have seen these filters but not been impressed by the results in heavily light polluted areas is the a certain one you have seen that works well because i got the same problem with the liver building to get the liver buildings into a star trail id only get about 3 stars lol
  5. yeah well im from toxteth and the Anglican is only around the corner but the lights of hope st are hard work they are extra bright with it being the red light zone and obv walking around the red light zone at night is err a bit hard to explain ha i will get it tho and will post my results
  6. you would be amazed how helpful to other beginners posting your first attempts is it gives us an idea of what to expect first few tries
  7. i have used the nextstar 4se for a year now and here is my thoughts for observing moon - brilliant Jupiter- i was impressed Saturn - small but impressed still mars - **** Venus **** Orion nebula disappointing Andromeda disappointing Pleiades impressed iss and satellites its ok
  8. attempt 16 - 20 Canon 550d time-lapse & animated star trails using startrails.exe put together in Sony Vegas Music Kill Bill soundtrack
  9. brilliant for your first go - 1 X 30 min exposure wow it must of been very dark there doesn't look like much light pollution at all
  10. Watch my progress Here are 2 little videos i have done using the images from my Star Trails Attempt 1 - 15 Thanks for watching
  11. i thought from the video i posted it was obvious u see jupiter 3 moons and a star obv it is a star as it twinkles and yes stellarium said it was HIP9569 what more evidence do we need ?????????????
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