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  1. Hello John, Welcome to the SGL, we share a similar age and same size dob, good luck with the observatory and wishing you clear skies.
  2. I must have a look at this myself tonight, for anyone who's having trouble finding it here are the coordinates for tonights viewing: RA:18h 9:40m Dec: +19deg 23.81' should be around mag 7
  3. I'll have to agree with Andrew on the Celestron X Cel LX eyepieces, I have 4 of them and as Andrew states, they do have a slightly smaller FOV but the eye relief is very good as is their contrast, their very affordable IMOH they are one of the best all rounders I have used in the budget range.
  4. Hello Chesty, I gave you a mention earlier in the thread so we hadn't forgotten you.
  5. Please put down your weapon. You have 20 seconds to comply. Four... three... two... one... I am now authorized to use physical force!
  6. I wish Horizon would cover more about Space exploration/Cosmology, it used to be the best source on TV for cutting edge technology, bring back Tomorrows World!
  7. Gaddesden Row is a village just a few miles north west of Hemel, Google map it, I don't belong to any Asronomical Society, my nearest would be the South West Herts one based in Rickmansworth. TBH, I would rather make friends here and arrange a meet that way, just my personal preference thats all.
  8. Gaddesden Row is probably the best place local for me, I'll have to ask one of the land owners out there if they would mind me setting up out there one night, good all round views to be had from some locations too as it's elevation is slightly above Hemel.
  9. That's True Will, I had forgotton about the lights from the Mount, have you visited any of the dark sites near you?
  10. Yes I know the place, Saturday market stalls and all, I imagine that would be a good site to view from.
  11. I'm in Woodhall Farm, the North part of Hemel, I see were all within a few miles of eachother, whats the light pollution like in Bovingdon and Chesham guys? it's got to be better than here i'm sure.
  12. Darkhorse


    Hi Shamus, and welcome to the SGL
  13. Hi Lisa, wecome to the SGL, wishing you clear skies
  14. Hi Beartron and welcome to the SGL
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