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  1. I need some tips, I have been out pretty much every night this week I have been to trying to look at m57 without any success I know its there im looking in the right spot just below Vega between the 2 stars but cannot lock on to it. I am using a Konus 200mm scope I have it set up correctly with the finder scope now aligned correctly and I have now fitted a red dot finder as well which is also now correctly aligned with the scope. Collimation seems to be correct I think it is just me and maybe my inexperience that is letting me down, any tips or hints of what I am doing wrong would be gratefully appreciated, or if anyone can point out something else to look at that may be easier to find that would be good also. I need to hit that first object then I am sure I will be able to spot the other things that are out there.
  2. it seems that my view finder is missing a rubber ring around the barrel mount so a temporary fix using cardboard wedged in seems to have done the trick. I have now aligned the scope with the view finder using the tv ariel method it worked a treat so it all seems good now. once again thanks for the help.
  3. Thanks chaps I will give it a go. I did manage it my first night out using Malcs method but on the second night I found it was out again and I have struggled ever since.
  4. Hi all I am looking for any tips regarding lining up the finder scope with the main telescope. I have not had a problem with anything else regarding set up other than this issue. The sky was pretty clear late on last night and I was planning on trying to focus in on M57, but spent most of the time trying to get the view finder aligned with the main scope. Still at least I did manage to figure out that if I raise the tripod a few more inches and twist the tube around a bit, then the limbo is not required to look through the eyepiece.
  5. jake1


    Hello everyone Just a quick hello from me, I am an absolute beginner and I have just bought my first scope 8" Konus on a EQ 5 mount. I have a decent knowledge of space but I have to be honest very very little knowledge of telescopes and how to use them, so just a word of warning dont be surprised if when you logg on to the forum you see another post from me asking yet another question.
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