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  1. Thanks Folks found the red dot finder, I will have a play aligning it
  2. Hi Last night was the first time I have had a chance to use my Meade ETX 125PE (a birthday present from my wife) and we got some great views of the Moon. This time round we used it as a manual system not using the Goto technology and I discovered what you all knew all along, how hard it is to point these things! There in the Southern sky was Sirius bright as a button and looking for it even with the widest eyepiece was hard work. But I did see lots of star I have never seen before. So is there a technique that helps with the Meade EXT telescopes or is just hard work and practice? But I did have great fun before the clouds came over Kieron
  3. Thanks folks. A quick question how long does a new telescope stay a cloud magnet? I have had mine now for 10 days and every night no stars!
  4. An exile in Manchester these days
  5. Hi I thought I would say hello again now that my wife has bought me a wonderful Meade 125PE for my birthday. Normally I would would use bins. I hope you folks will not mind the odd daft question from time to time as I try and get my head round using a telescope for the first time
  6. Thanks folks, I must say you have made me most welcome Kieron
  7. Hi Folks, from what was a sunny Manchester morning, but as I write the clouds are rolling in from the east. Well I feel a bit of a fraud on this board as a don’t qualify as a stargazer having no knowledge of the sky being more of a walker. But since I do tend to walk in remote parts of the UK and Europe I do get to see a fair number of very dark and clear nights and you can’t help being captivated by the sight. As for equipment, well, light weight Swarovski Optik 10 x 25 binoculars, some larger Opticron 10x 50 and an Opticron birding scope yes I do admit it, they are all aimed at walking and birding rather then looking at the night sky, but … Being a novice I often see things in the night sky that I can’t identify, so I thought I would hang around here and read all the advice you good folk are giving, and maybe one day be able to contribute Kieron
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