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  1. Managed a Ha shot of the sun on wednesday Then at sunset, well just after managed a view of Panstars
  2. Coco I have just started imaging with an Atik428 OSC and am having problems getting colour in the stars. I am using MaximDL for initial processing and using the generic debayer mask as the Atik is not listed. Can you advise the workflow you use as your images using the new settings are superb. regards Ian Astrolandrover
  3. I am interested in one shot colour processing as I have an Atik 428. I am also interested in Photoshop Processing. regards AstroLandrover
  4. I use both the red dot finder and the 9x50 finderscope on my C11. I finish off with 40mm eyepiece. Using this sequential technique I quickly find objects.
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