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  1. I dont mind setting up in the dark. Someone conveniently put lights on the front of my car
  2. Agree with this. I bought 200p with HEQ5 as it has better motors for tracking etc, and the payload is more than EQ5. You will want to add stuff in the future, I'm sure. Like auto guider and camera etc. Plus its upgradable to a goto system if you use a laptop
  3. I took the power tank to bits (16 screws) and the terminal bolts on the battery WERE LOOSE. Not even finger tight!!!!!!!!! One side was about 10mm from being finger tight and the other was a good 25mm off. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thx Damnut, It went totally flat last night and I started charging it this afternoon. It seems to be taking a little charge. I will leave it on for 24 hours and see what happens. Typical as its a clear night tonight
  5. I have the 250A Skywatcher power pack and it is totally flat atm and doesnt seem to want to charge. I am confident the AC/DC converter is ok as I can hear the relays energising when I switch to charge. The fully charged and charging LEDs briefly light before the relays swith off and all is dark once again. Could the pack be reading as fully charged (when its not) and switching itself off? Or is this a case of leave it charging for a few hours and all is well?
  6. Finding puts brakes on faster-than-light neutrinos : Nature News
  7. I'm gonna get one of these. They didnt have any in stock when I ordered my scope, as it was mid summer lol. Is the body warmer better than the fleece?
  8. I use a large BBQ cover from B&Q. Covers scope and mount fully, cost less than £10
  9. I've been having the same problem. I usually end up looking along the scope and lining up the OTA ring bolts with what I want to look at, and fine tuning it in the finder scope. I did stumble upon this ( which I have yet to try out ) http://stargazerslounge.com/primers-tutorials/137298-star-hoping-how-find-anything-sgl6.html
  10. I got my login codes today YAY!!! 5 days and counting!! Can't freaking wait!!
  11. http://img2.moonbuggy.org/imgstore/if-you-dont-make-mistakes-youre-doing-science-wrong.jpg
  12. Like most scientific advances, being based on previous work, later scientists are 'more correct'. When Newton worked on gravity he assumed light traveled instantly. Just because Einstein allowed for the 3.3 nS it takes for light to travel a metre doesnt mean Newtons equations are incorrect. So, light travels a bit faster than we first thought. Doesn't make Einstien 'wrong'
  13. I couldn't find any telescope stores near me either. First Light Optics is where I got my kit. You can phone them up and get advice aswell. Top notch.
  14. Here is where I went to learn how to collimate mine. This guy is good too, tho much more detailed I was really nervous the first time I did mine. The grub screws were so tight I started to bend the supplied allen key. Collimated it in my kitchen and check it every time I use it. 5 trips out and still spot on.
  15. Great post, I'm starting this module this year. How many hours a week did you study ? The UCLAN info says 200 hours total. Is this accurate ?
  16. Pretty cool scope. But, if the aperture is a bit small for you :- Dr. Erhard Hänssgen's 42 inch (107 cm) Dobsonian Telescope
  17. You dont have a choice. You start at the beginning and work through, as I understand it. AA1051- Intro to astronomy. Just doing one for now, just to see what its like. Having trouble finding the text book at the moment. Universe, 9th edition by R.A.Freedman, W.J. Kaufmann III and R. Geller; W H Freeman, 2010; ISBN-13: 978-1-429-23153-4; ISBN: 1-4292-3153-X.
  18. Phone them. They are really helpful. ucastro@uclan.ac.uk Administration and Tutorial Support Astronomy Distance Learning Courses School of Computing, Engineering and Physical Sciences 01772 893541
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