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  1. These are great photos NigelM! Tell me the ones marked SLT are they a series of shotos or one long exposure? Was the camera mounted to the eyepeice or piggybacked?
  2. No worries I wondered what was going on! My understanding is that certain scopes are better for certain things.Can you tell me more.What are reflectors,refractors and casgarain scopes good for induvidually?
  3. HI my sister is looking to buy a telescope and I would also be using it to atatch my camera to for astrophotography. We are looking at the celestron nexstar 102 slt scope. We are looking at a good allrounder scope for the moon,planets and some deep sky. My questions...... 1... Is this a good begineers scope? what should I expect to see from it? 2... Is it any good for photographing planets? I understand that it may not be so good for deep sky phptography. 3... For deep sky photography would it be better to piggy back the camera to the scope and just use my 300mm lens? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Ive just given this astrophotography thing a go last night with my Pentax K10d.I seem to have a few vertical lines across the image.Any ideas what can be done or where im going wrong?Do I need to change some settings? I know its a rather poor attempt!!!
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