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  1. Thanks for the welcome, guys.
  2. That seems to have done the trick. Thanks all for your advice on this. I'm relieved it was my stupidity rather than a problem with the scope. Agree with the point about the instructions, though. No mention in them of the 2" adaptor.
  3. Telrad, Thanks for the tips. The problem I've been having is that the main scope won't focus on anything that's even remotely far aware. But it does focus on nearby objects, of about 10m-20m away. I'm probably doing or not doing something obvious but I can't figure out what it is.
  4. Hi Carole, I've tried both the 10mm and 25mm but have used the latter predominantly.
  5. Hi all. I've this weekend bought my first telescope - a Skywatcher Explorer 200p, EQ5. However, I seem to be having some difficulties working it. As far as I am aware I've put it together correctly. I start to encounter problems when attempting to line-up the main scope with the finder scope. Specifically, the main scope only seems to focus on nearby objects (10m-50m) and is out of focus when training it on more distant objects (300m-700m). This goes against what the manual says and what I have read elsewhere. I've tried the 25mm and 10mm eyepieces and they are both problematic. Nevertheless, I managed to line the main scope up with the finder scope using nearby objects but wasn't confident this would be any use. I was correct. When trying to look at the sky tonight, I couldn't see a thing through the main scope. Grateful for any views on what the problem might be and the best way to fix it. Thanks
  6. BetaSerpentis


    Hi all. I'm from London and new to astronomy. I've just bought my first telescope - a Skywatcher Explorer 200p, EQ5 (having a few issues but I'll post that in the relevant forum). Looking forward to getting to know someof you guys.
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