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  1. Thanks Guys, hope them clouds bug off for ya ! Andy
  2. Hi , I was just wondering If you can buy any new bolts for the mount. The ones supplied are poo! I was adjusting my lat and thought I was going to break them, Thanks Andy
  3. I am buying the telescope equipment and my friend has already got the camera and TOGETHER we are going to work this all out...lol.
  4. Thanks guys. They were really good and I think I will be happy with the decision. As you say my focuser has to hold a Nikon 600d so we will see what happens. I really did find some nice views on the 127, lots in america and it was near all sings and praises. A good deal for the set up and some valuable information. Il have a look at those focuser's too, should keep me busy till the weekend. Clear skies peeps ! Andy
  5. I am buying the ES 127 apo tomorrow so hoping these will compliment that too !!
  6. Before I start, I just want to say thanks to everyone for the advice and that all of what I am about to write is MY opinion and mine only, and to be honest " what the hell do I know " .......... . Right.......the conclusion. I made numerous phone calls today. My first was to Ian King Imaging asking a bit of advice and about Altair Astro. This to be honest, was the least positive. I can understand Ian not commenting on the AA 130 because he does not stock the 130, only the 80 and 102 I think. ( he did say these were ok for the price ). Anyway advice was vague and there were a few awkward silences. All I got from the call was that you get what you pay for and this includes, resale value, good looks, optics etc etc....but to be honest an apo for 2 grand and under is basically too cheap. I cannot afford any more, I wish I could and so I had the feeling that unless I was looking at spending 8k, he just was NOT interested. A bit unimpressed is my feeling. I then rang Altair Astro and spoke to Ian. Ian was a very helpful chap and ended up by giving me a deal that would save me £195.00. Part of the deal was the free optical test print out but to be honest when I got on the phone , the first thing he told me was that they were giving this test away for free at the moment anyway. I guess this means he had actually saved me about £110.00 quid. The deal included the 130 apo, 2" dialectric, eq6, Finder, flattener and mini guider. It came out at £3047.99 I think not a bad deal thanks. My only criticism was to tell Ian to listen more and sell less!..If you get what I mean. ( still a nice guy ). After this call, I spoke to Kerin at Telescope House about the Explorer Scientific, Really nice guy and very , very, helpful. I had a chat about what I wanted to achieve and we had an in-depth conversation all about this. After the call I went away to check some sites for feedback on these scopes. He gave me a call back at my request later this afternoon and I asked him to sort me out with a kit that would get me started. I later got an email ( about an hour later) and this is what was included in this deal. 1x Explore Scientific 127 + finder and Field Flattener package - 1x Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro Synscan Goto 1x Skywatcher GPS Mouse 1x Revelation VW-47 Losmandy 13-inch Mounting Plate 1x (07066) 12mm Meade Wireless Illuminated Reticle 1x Orion 80mm Short Tube guider + 105mm Guide rings 1x C+I This deal saves me £280.00 which I think is great. I also with this package get a free EP, the dialectric and a nice case to look after the scope. I asked for the gps mouse as It makes it easier to go to different places ( this was NOT Kerins idea lol). If I go with the ES, the only downside I see is the focuser being 2" as opposed to 3" and I lose 3 mm aperture. As for TS I received an email back from them and for what I need and for how far away they are, they were too much and too far away. I do however hope I get to look through one of their scopes one day as they really do look like a nice bit of kit !! This and reading a lot of feedback was enough for me and I have decided to go for the .............................EXPLORER SCIENTIFIC 127 from Telescope House.I am really chuffed with the response, the advice and price and all of the kit is in stock !! All in all a good day and I will look forward to the tube landing at my door step. These were my findings today and I have told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth !!!! clear skies guys n gals Andy
  7. Will hopefully give out details tomorrow as to what , where, how much etc etc...Im gonna be really cheeky with all the shops....heh .... we will see, Andy
  8. Just under 2400 euro for the ap 130 ! Just seen some of the APM scopes and they look great. The price jumps pretty high from 107 at 2000 euro to the 130 at 4500.00 euro...wow. I would expect them to be pretty amazing at that price. Andy. This is altair equivalent....http://www.altairastro.com/product.php?productid=16494&cat=270&page=1
  9. Alan, I sent an email to TS asking them to set me up as they give you this option on the site. I have told them I want an good visual triplet and mount, a view finder and a field flattener . It must have at least a 3" focuser and an Ep. I want the 99 % reflective diagonal. I have 3700.00 Euro to spend. We will see and yes I am pushing the boat out..... Andy.
  10. I spoke to altair astro on the telephone and although their apos seem the bizz, they end up being around the same price as the rest. I suppose it is coming down to a choice and as they nearly all seem to be made by the same company, I think it's time to get a pen and paper out and have a look at some figures. Lets see what kind of deals these guys are prepared to give you with a little pressure! ... I will be on the telephone tomorrow and will let you all know which way I have gone and whether I got any money off the price !! Thanks Andy. Clear skies All....
  11. Looks good . I have emailed them to see what they come up with. They do seem to have a good review on here.
  12. I have just seen a couple of mixed reviews. I think for the money the Ts is probably a good bet...... Hopefully finish looking tonight now so I can get on and order something. I am so Scopeless at the moment...
  13. This looks good and a lot cheaper than the WO..http://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p5505_TS-PHOTOLINE-Triplet-APO-130-915mm-Refractor---3--Crayford.html I am going to try and find a comparison review on these two !!
  14. Thanks Guys, I was also looking at the meade 6000. I know the 5000 was great, I wonder If they kept the 6000 good too !. I know some people don't rate them but I have owned meade and have always been very happy. thanks for the review link John, Alan I know exactly what you mean. I may be considering a Williams optics FLT 132 but for the price I need to find a review that says this IS outstanding and makes me think it is worth the extra money....I want to buy one that will last me a long time. Any advice on the WO 132 ! Andy
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