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  1. excellent work, as a fellow londoner i know how much light blights our viewing
  2. the way i see it is that whoever they are,they came saw and turned back in disgust,why well if they did land how would we greet them? with open arms or fear and suspision?.unfortunately when it comes to destroying there is none beter than us (apart from the daleks),our greatest achievement landing on the moon some want to riddicule and call it fake,most of our achievements have come from war,but why did it take war for those scientific and medical breakthroughs?.we have to evolve and learn to understand that there are things in this universe that we humans have not grown up enough to unlock thier secrets,because what would we do with such power?.untill we can handle that power without trying to kill eachother with it,if you look just left of pluto you will see a detour sign,waving ships past,saying nothing to see here move along.come back in ten thousand years or so..
  3. thats true tinker but have had some good shots with my compac camera,
  4. i also have a nexstar 4.take a look at these videos for how i set up for viewing.. Setup for astrophotography using Celestron nexstar 4SE. - YouTube The celestron eyepiece and filter kit and astrophotography equipment..review - YouTube not sure if they are much help but its all i have at the mo
  5. i know just how you feel,my viewing are is just as cluttered and streetlamps at the end of my garden
  6. most excellent wide shot. and the gallery is just superb..
  7. outstanding you should be very proud of her creative skills
  8. this is what i managed with the celestron nexstar 4 and canon350D,it is just a 30 second exposure no stacking or photoshopping, from camera to here,
  9. its nice to see the finished pruduct,for example the picutre or video on screen,but not many videos on how we do it.here is my method,bit stone age but works for me.. Shooting Orion's Nebula,with Celestron Nexstar 4 and Canon 350D. - YouTube
  10. i just mounted the camera to the rear of the nexstar 4se there was no lense attached.
  11. it was just those five that were useable,but now i have it i will try and get more..
  12. thank for all your coments,it seems DSO'S do indeed make you jump up n down when you first see them
  13. very good shot,be proud of it i just got my first dso tonight as well
  14. i had one broad grin on my face when i saw these shots.my first ever real DSO'S.still needs working on but the know how will come with time.these are just the raw pictures no work done to them,shot on 30 second exposures..using the celestron nexstar 4 and canon 350D
  15. the neighbours must think say i gone potty as i did let out one home simpsom whoohoo when i saw these shots.these are my first real deep space objects or DSO'S.each was shot with my canon 350D on 30 second exposures,,but still could be a bit sharper.but not bad for my very first DSO shots
  16. i am fairly new to astronomy myself,so i can only advise you upto where i am at.first off all before atempting to photograph the night sky,get to know you way around the night sky with the book turn left at orion,then when you decide which telescope to buy get to know the equipment first,know what it can and cannot see,most of all have fun with it.we are using a skywatcher 130m and a celestron nexstar 4se,both have their limitations but both are equally good and fun to use.i would say let astronomy take hold first then move onto photogrophy or video,the team here can help you ore than i can,as for which telescope i would say if you can stretch the budget i would consider the celestron.it has a very good mount i belive,others here will tell you the mount is very important for astrophotography.so i would look in that direction, ask around and see what other members here will say..
  17. have you seen the celestron eypices and filter kit?? it has 7 filters and 6 eyepices plus X2 barlow
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