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  1. Many thanks everyone for your kind comments. I am very pleased with how this has turned out - definitely my best so far. I have a couple more images to process and it will be interesting to see if they come out as well. Paul
  2. Having spent several months fighting inconsistent (and often wrong) colours from a combination of new laptop, Windows 7 and old Photoshop I have finally got a workaround - at least the colours are consistent between different bits of software and within Photoshop. This version of the cone should be a shade of red rather than magenta. This is also the first image from my new FSQ-85/QSI 683 combination - I'm very pleased with it so far Hope you like it - Paul Full size image is here: http://paulandelaine...45081&k=BjDq2j3 Details: NGC2264 - The Christmas Tree Cluster and Cone Nebula Acquisition - Takahashi FSQ85ED at F5.6; QSI 683wsg with Lodestar, Maxim DL 5; Paramount MX, The Sky X Processing - PixInsight, Photoshop CS4 L = Ha at 50%, RGB = (R+Ha)GB Ha = 16 * 1200 sec RGB = 12 * 300 sec each Data aquired 14-23 January 2013
  3. Thanks all for your comments - glad you like it. That would be nice. But, it's taken from Olly's place in the South of France. Perhaps next June. Unfortunately I can only manage to get away once a year at present And in June the Milky Way will be higher so Rho might be competing with other targets (I should have mentioned that this was taken in the middle two weeks of May). Paul
  4. Olly wanted to try out his "photon hoover", two scopes of roughly equal focal length on one mount. I wanted to point at the Antares/Rho region (as usual) so this is where we ended up. We did have a few technical problems (with the aquisition, not the mounting) which mainly affected the left side of this two pane mosaic. Hope you like it. Paul Rho Ophiuchi region - a two pane mosaic Taken with two scopes on one mount - Takahashi FSQ85 at FL=450mm, Atik 4000 mono Altair Astro Wave Series 80 APO at FL=480mm Mount - Takahashi EM200 Guiding - AstroArt; Acquisition - Artemis Capture Processing PixInsight, Photoshop, Registar Both panes - 6*600s for each of RGB West pane - 36*600s OSC East pane - 21*600s OSC Full size image is here: http://paulandelaine...o-region-XL.jpg
  5. A truely inspiring image of my favourite bit of sky - ask Olly, I keep pointing his scopes at it. Not got anywhere near this coverage and quality (yet ) Paul
  6. Great images. The Cat's Paw edges it for me but I really like widefield images full of stars. Paul
  7. Super image - great depth and detail. Paul
  8. Thanks all for your kind comments. Olly, I think your words at the time were "must be mad!" - and I think you were right! Removing the lens was not too much of a problem - the mount only moved slightly and this was easily handled. The difficult bit was re-threading the filters with the camera pointing horizontally. One slip and the filter would be nicely fingerprinted or down on the floor. Good job it was warm enought to work without gloves - that would be mad Paul
  9. It seems a long time since I had an image to post - but a holiday in the South of France has helped:) This is a two pane mosaic taken with a 35mm lens on an Atik 314L. The eastern pane suffered from dew problems so is short of subs but it's not come out to badly. Hope you like it. Details: Taken from the clear skies of Etoile St Cyrice Canon 35mm USM L f1.4 at f3.2 Atik 314L, Geoptik adaptor iEQ45 mount - unguided 600s subs - W panel RGB 6:6:5, E panel RGB 6:3:3 Acquisition - MaximDL, processing - PI, PS. Paul Full size image is here: http://paulandelainephotography.smugmug.com/Astro/Deep-Space/17772758_chDxKg#!i=1883013718&k=pDgTVXv&lb=1&s=O
  10. Very nice image Harry - and from light polluted Stamford. I must revisit the tutorials! Paul
  11. Excellent detail. Looking forward to the colour. Paul
  12. Superb image Anna - great colours. I have also had trouble imaging through trees (and I have a lot of them so plenty of practice - almost a complete 360. It's the way they jump out in front of the scope ) Paul
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