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  1. TheLookingGlass

    TeleVue 22T4 Nagler v 27 Panoptic ?

    I have used both in the same type of 10" telescope. Both of them are unsatisfactory w/o a coma corrector.
  2. TheLookingGlass

    Which eyepiece have you had the longest

    Baader Morpheus.
  3. TheLookingGlass

    New EP delivered today!

    Loved the eyepiece pics! I drooled for every pic I saw !!! Nice!
  4. TheLookingGlass

    Hyperion 5mm or ES 4.7mm in F5 scope

    No doubt that the Vixen LVW's are miles ahead of the Hyperions. I'd prob notice more aberrations in the Hyperions if I tested them against the LVW's again myself. Maybe I just learned how to ignore it lately. I'll have a look again next time I am out with them. Even if so, I like the eye relief they offer, and I really like the 17mm the most. However, correction in the 5mm is exceedingly good too. I really only like the 17mm and the 5mm anyways. I've had a few of the others and they were much worse. For the record, I think the Baader Morpheus are a lot better. I am debating right now to even keep my 5mm Hyperion, even tho the correction is good in it because the view in the 6.5mm Morpheus on globulars, etc just seems better and I prefer the apparent field of 76° better. When I go back to the 5mm Hyperion after using the 6.5mm Baader Morpheus, the Hyperion feels cramped, lol. Maybe a 4.5mm Baader Morpheus will be on order instead! Cheers mates!
  5. TheLookingGlass

    Hyperion 5mm or ES 4.7mm in F5 scope

    I tested the 17mm Hyperion on Vega. It stayed sharp for about 80% of the field. But then I tried a star cluster on it and there is some coma / astig, but most of the field is sharp in the 17mm. I own the 12.5mm, 9mm and 6.5mm Morphs. The 12.5 shows some softening near the edges, but it is only about 80% out. The 9mm is very sharp, and the 6.5mm is really sharp out to the edges. I tried Hyperions many years ago and back then I didn't care for them. Then I tried them out again and I really like the 17mm and the 5mm. The newer, shorter version of the 21mm has nice edge correction, which was shocking !!!! Avoid the others, they are not as good.
  6. TheLookingGlass

    Hyperion 5mm or ES 4.7mm in F5 scope

    I know this thread is old, but I just wanted to add something to it, in case anybody was interested. I just purchased a 5mm Baader Hyperion for my 10" Orion F/4.7 Intelliscope. It is sharp out to about the 90% mark. I have tested it on Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, globulars and really bright stars. There is not ghosting, and sharpness in my fast reflector is excellent. I was skeptical about the 5mm Hyperion for years, so I just went and bought one to try it out and I am impressed. Eye relief compared to the 4.7mm ES is like night and day. I can sit back quite a bit with the 5mm and the views are very comfortable. If you wear specs, you will also still be able to see the entire field of view. Can't do that with the 4.7mm ES 82 !!! Really glad I took the chance and bought it. Nice EP, and it goes along well with my 17mm Hyperion and the Baader Morpheus I have. Alexander Massey of IceINSpace astronomy forum was right about the 5mm Hyperion!!!
  7. True, but some eyepieces correct by having the opposite FC of the Newtonian mirror. Examples are some of the Pentax XW's and some others. The 10mm, 7mm, 5mm and 3.5mm are pretty flat fields in short FL Newts because they have negative FC, while the 14mm and 20mm XW's have positive FC resulting in less than stellar views. I used to own a 2 inch GSO coma corrector. At the time I also had a 20mm XW. It did not completely eliminate the FC in the 20mm XW, it only cut the FC down to half. So now I own a 22mm Ultima LX and no longer have the coma corrector, and the performance in the 22mm Ultima LX alone is excellent. Only other EP that I really liked alone was the 22mm Vixen LVW. Those EP's are excellent in short FL Newts w/o a coma corrector. True about the 17mm Nagler T4. I used to also own a 12mm Nag T4, and that one was much worse trying to get into the field stop.....even worse than the 17mm Nag T4. Get close to see the FS, and blackouts ensue, then when you back off you can't see the FS. It was really annoying at first, but over time, I got used to it. I much prefer the 12.5mm Baader Morpheus over the 12mm Nag T4. So much easier to hold the exit pupil, even with the eyecup rolled down. I also owned the 17mm Ultima LX which I modified. I also modified my 22mm Ultima LX. I shaved some of the rubber off the top of the 22mm Ultima LX, so now I can see the field stop easily with glasses. When the top of the rubber was stock, there was no way I could see the field stop on it at all. No problems now though. Also true what you said about the 14mm Baader Morpheus and FC, which is why I waited for reviews FIRST before I decided to purchase and I got the 12.5mm instead of the 14mm. The best 14mm EP I ever owned was the 14mm TV Delos and the 14mm Denkmeier. The 12.5mm Morpheus isn't perfect at the edges, but it is passable and not too bad. I've added a few pics to show what I did to the 17mm and 22mm Ultima LX to show you what I mean. The 22mm Ultima LX is the glasses friendly eyepiece....the 17mm was not as I did not think to shave off the top at the time. I am just waiting for my 28mm ES 68 to arrive soon. I also used to own 100 degree EP's. I eventually went back to 68-76 degree EP's with long eye relief as I found the 100 degree EP's a bit much. For me the 68-76 degrees is perfect for long hours of comfort. An observing friend of mine owns the 12mm and 17mm ES 92's and I really found them a treat to use! Just a tad too heavy for my liking. All of my eyepieces have long eye relief and are glasses friendly. I just leave the adapters on all of my eyepieces so I never have to switch. Everything stays in 2 inch mode, and the 2" filters can go on any of them without having to switch. The 2" Lumicon O-III in the pic below has a 14mm Baader fine tuning ring attached to it. I only do this because I find it is easier to grip rather than trying to grip the filter alone which is thin and can easily be dropped because of that. Cheers!
  8. TheLookingGlass

    Baader Morpheus retro fit improved eyecup

    True. Eye relief is just a tad over both the M43 extension and the rubber eyecup, but I can use the Morpheus eyepieces without the M43 extension and keeping the rubber eyeguard rolled right down without any problems. I've been using long eye relief eyepieces for many years, and I have gotten used to it. That's just me tho.....others need eyeguards in the up position. YMMV... Cheers!
  9. True, but I found the 17mm was not as bad as you said it was. Plus, the 17mm Nagler is not corrected near the edges at all, until you use it with a coma corrector at F/4.7 to F/5. Same goes for the 22mm Nagler T4. Exit pupil for me was very easy to hold, but then again, I am one who uses eyepieces with 20mm of eye relief with the eyeguards rolled down with ease. The 22mm Ultima LX has really nice correction and super easy eye placement. I'd take it over the 22mm Nagler any day of the week at F/4.7 by itself. I've tried the 17mm ES 92 myself. At first I didn't like it and preferred my Morpheus eyepieces, but after trying it a few more times I got used it. I still prefer the 76 degrees of the Baader Morpheus over those, the Pentax XW's and Delos eyepieces. The Morpheus are my favorite line of eyepieces. As the old saying goes, YMMV. Cheers!
  10. TheLookingGlass

    Baader Morpheus retro fit improved eyecup

    Agena Astro had an offer to us buyers. They sent me three new Morpheus eyecups + M-43 Extension and dust caps for free. I just had to pay for shipping, which was excellent. I had originally bought three Morphs; 12.5mm / 9mm / 6.5mm. The dust caps fit perfectly when folded down. I find just the rubber eyecups twisted on without the M43 extender just right.
  11. TheLookingGlass

    SkyWatcher Nirvana UWA 28mm, any thoughts?

    ...Or you can do this.
  12. TheLookingGlass

    SkyWatcher Nirvana UWA 28mm, any thoughts?

    Yep. Totally true! Not just an issue with eyeglass wearers. That mushroom top is a really weird fit for almost anybody, unless your face is massive and your eye socket can rest on such a HUGE design. The twist up eyecup is next to useless IMO. I owned one and had to remove it altogether to get a comfy feel.
  13. Which one? "ring of fire" or short eye relief?

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