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  1. nice shots man ,id be well pleased with them
  2. chears guys:) ,...yep its a good scope ,my first but now im looking for something bigger lol not sure what to get ,was thinking of getting a dob but after some reading im not sure ,looking to use it for imaging you see ,been looking at the skymax 127 seems good for moon and planets ,thats what im most interested in. an yep defo going to get one of those spc900 cams ive been messing around with an old xbox vision cam and liked the results so going to give the spc a go .... oh jack have u got any images taking with the web cam u could share so i could see what the results are like?
  3. jez didn't think they where that bad lol ,114 views i comment ...hahaha
  4. some shots ive taking with my sw130p supatrack ,imaging done by holding my sony dsc-w300 point an shoot to the lens ,most with 10mmep ,some the 10mmep with 2x barlow.an one photoshoped thought it looked cool lol
  5. just pull it off an attach the sliver ring like i did ,btw it will work with the lens put back into the barlow holder ,haven't tryed it at the sky but gets focus no prob at a house a few miles away ,there a fair bit of give each side of the focus as well
  6. thats all im doing it for to ,to get to grips with it all b4 i spend any money ...barlow would increase magnification i guess, i will try next time its clear ,as i said this could of been a lot better had i of went out side and if the sky had of been clearer .also the vid i took this from is only about 2mins long ,so defo room for improvement.....
  7. same photo just flipped an adjusted in windows photo viewer
  8. hears one taking with the xboxcam tonight, not to good but it was taking through my bedroom window an there was a haze in the sky ,also i dont have a clue how to use the stacking software i was just clicking **** lol saturn three.bmp
  9. Any 1.25 fitting ring will do there all the same ,i just took mine of a barlow i dont use, it not black inside either. Even at that i if did want to use the barlow again i could just share the ring with one of my other ep's they just screw on an off.The grey ring and lens are attached ,just screw the lens to the end of its focus (counter clockwise) it will fell like it wont go anymore at this point grab it with your teeth or what ever an apply a bit of force till it starts to move again then just take it out ,u have to pull it at an angle with a bit of force to get it free ....just try it if u have one got nothing to lose really if it not getting used?.im the same myself dont have a clue if it will be any good but will give me an idea whats possible with my scope an whether or not i should buy the spc900nc which will obliviously be better(i think?)btw as far as using a ep with a web cam i cant really see this as being much use ,yes it would probably work, but seeing as a web cam is more or less a 6mm ep adding any extra magnification would be pointless unless u had a very big scope lol...also as of yet im not even sure if this cam has a ccd cant seem to find that info??oh a tonight is cloudy in n.ireland so still no idea how it is lol
  10. hi nova ,yep just the stranded cam ...hears the pic of mine with just a fitting ring glued to it ,it just fits the telescope like a ep would ....as gareth has said skys been poor the last week but the terrestrial viewing is good, tonights looking more promising will post up if i get anything
  11. chears gareth must check that out ,... i have the supatrack mount ....also on the xbox cam i had to open it up an break the green led lights inside it as they where shining on to the mirror theres four of them in it i just poped them of with a knife
  12. just seen your post an thought id give it a go ,to get the lens of twist it counter clockwise with your teeth it makes a click an then just pull it out ,it doesn't break it and it can go back on, it seems to work ,gets focus no prob an without a barlow ,i tried it at a house a few miles away an it looked good ,can wait to try it at the sky,....to attach it to my telescope im just going to take the sliver ring thing off my barlow lens and glue it to the webcam lol hope it gets good results btw my telescope is a skywatcher 130p one question form me ,what program do i use to capture the video b4 i put it into a stacking program? an what stacking program do u's recomend?
  13. chears steve for the quick replay:) well thats my biggest worry out of the way(tracking) an yeh the 130 is 5.1" ,....thanks again for the info...liam
  14. Hi guys ive just joined this forum and had a good look around im sure il have a good time hear and the advice seems spot on!!! , now im looking for some of that great advice myself lol,....first about me, i have a skywatcher 130p supatrack have it about 7-8 months ,just have the stranded ep that came with it (10mm,25mm) and a 2x barlow (witch i dont like using at all) its a great scope an ive enjoyed great views of Saturn,Jupiter and the moon .Now the thing is im looking to get a new scope and was wondering about the skywatcher 200p DOD, ive red good things about it on hear ,but a few things id like to ask is, how much better will it be that my 130p? , is it hard to keep track of things with a dod?(bear in mind im using a motorized one at min ,it not goto tho) how much will a good tripod be if i deiced to upgrade to a beter mount after a wile? also i want to use it for photography will it be any good (i got some good shots of the moon with my 130p,but nothing of Saturn or Jupiter) also will a webcam be suitable for use on this without the need for a barlow lens unlike my 130p?,....an just one more thing its about my 130p ,would a 6mm ep be any good on it ? at the min i think im only viewing at about x65 with my 10mm ep just wondering if il get better views with a better ep?,,,,i know its a bit of a ramble iv worded hear but for anyone who reads an takes time to replay i wholeheartedly thank u for your time .....liam
  15. s.howie

    moon shots

    some shots i got of the moon with a skywatcher 130p and a sony cam held to eyepiece
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