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  1. nothing hear elither on any of the passings ,it clearish now and getting better ,calsky telling me ive two more sightings ,2.35 and 4.05 dont think il stay up that late ....has to enter soon u would think tho?

  2. thanks for the info guys :D guess i was just blinded by some of the impressive shots ive seen with the 127,yep the Celestron C6 SCT sure does seem a great scope but the price had put me off ,i didn't even consider a second hand scope but spose what im looking for i couldn't afford new with out a fair bit of saving anyway lol.... thanks again !!

  3. looks interesting can u view the sun through the ep or just with the cam? guess it gives more use from the scope being able to use in daylight aswell ,can u see any solar flares with a scope like ours?

  4. thanks jack great shots!! ,cant wait to get one of those cams now ,.....haven't looked at the sun yet what kind of filter you use for that?(ive just seen in your sig what filter your using must check that stuff out)

    chears rob!!

  5. very easy ,i just changed the color in windows photo viewer ,then opened it up in photoshop an put a plastic warping on it thats all

    i think it would make a nice canvas

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