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  1. i actually done this ages ago ,never really bothered with it after my first nite out with it ,...the pic's u guys are getting with it are great must have an other go with it hears a link to the post of when i did it ,pic's of how i connected it to the scope an all http://stargazerslounge.com/imaging-tips-tricks-techniques/144175-help-taking-apart-xbox-cam.html
  2. im sure it will be on android soon ,i have it on my iphone works well
  3. class shots ,defo getting myself a better scope lol
  4. yep would be sad ,if im still up at 4 il have a look again
  5. no havent heard of it being down has to happing soon somewere ,im the same want to stay up to see what happins lol
  6. dont know if this ones been posted but its good Track NASA Satellite UARS In Real Time, While It Crash-land On Earth |Latest UFO News| UFO 2011 Sightings|Alien Pictures|2012 Solar Flares|UFO News|Web Bot|UFO
  7. i hope your right deli,.. mite do the same me self ,not the coffee tho i want to sleep tonight at some stage lol
  8. nothing hear elither on any of the passings ,it clearish now and getting better ,calsky telling me ive two more sightings ,2.35 and 4.05 dont think il stay up that late ....has to enter soon u would think tho?
  9. would this laser be powerful enough to do it ? mite buy one just to try lol
  10. excellent shots man!!!!!! ,....which planet u shot the earth from? hehe
  11. defo a good scope ,u wont find one bad review about it! but as others have said the price u where offered it at is a bit steep ,if u can it down to about 170 take it
  12. chears again russ ,your a gent!!,.....il keep my eyes peeled to that site
  13. im from n.ireland ,been on a few irish sites but tbh there pretty **** lol
  14. thanks again russ,il keep my eye open but the likelihood of one popping up near me is next none lol
  15. thanks for the info guys guess i was just blinded by some of the impressive shots ive seen with the 127,yep the Celestron C6 SCT sure does seem a great scope but the price had put me off ,i didn't even consider a second hand scope but spose what im looking for i couldn't afford new with out a fair bit of saving anyway lol.... thanks again !!
  16. hi guys just wondering if the skymax 127 would be a good upgrade from the skywatcher 130p? seen some great shots taking with the 127 on hear ,or is there any thing better i should consider ,my limit is about £400 and good for imaging is what im after ...thanks in advance guys!!
  17. after all the reading i still cant get my head around it lol,... if a train travels around the world at light speed for one year ,10years passes for people not on the train ,how? its still traveled for one year just really fast ?/ lol
  18. great vid man ,where i am viewing been **** nothing but clouds!! moon always looks good at this phase well done
  19. looks interesting can u view the sun through the ep or just with the cam? guess it gives more use from the scope being able to use in daylight aswell ,can u see any solar flares with a scope like ours?
  20. thanks jack great shots!! ,cant wait to get one of those cams now ,.....haven't looked at the sun yet what kind of filter you use for that?(ive just seen in your sig what filter your using must check that stuff out) chears rob!!
  21. very easy ,i just changed the color in windows photo viewer ,then opened it up in photoshop an put a plastic warping on it thats all i think it would make a nice canvas
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