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  1. Hi Gaz, Due to poor weather havnt even used my new Skylux yet!! Time on my hands and I cant seem to stop looking at astro. adverts. Think I am addicted!!!! OK saw this on ebay( now everyone knows!!), what do you feel is a fair price? Probably cant afford it anway with Xmas etc., the wife would file for divorce!! Still no harm in just looking. Pete
  2. Saw this for sale, would appreciate any comments from anyone who has experience of it. Skywatcher 102mm refractor, f/10 on eq3. About 4 years old. Thanks ,Pete
  3. Gaz, it seems to be visible from about 8 pm, and it was there last night at midnight. Pete
  4. Weather here in Penzance still too poor to try out my scope. Virtually the only object visible with the naked eye is a very bright blue star ( ? planet). Its towards the west and maybe at an angle of 45 degrees. It manages to shine through the general murk/ cloud thats about. Grateful if anyone could help identify this Pete
  5. Now Russ, no sarky comments re. the Lidl scope!! Pete, ( lidl scope owner!!)
  6. Evening WH, Just realised you live in sunny Canada! Seems the weather is no better in your neck of the woods. Heres hopin..... Pete
  7. Hi CAz, I am in the same boat, not been able to use my scope since I got it. Weather here in Penzance has been atrocious for viewing. I have only got the humble Skylux but I still cant wait to use. A nice view of the Moon would be something. Been spending the time reading, managed to get the book " New Astronomer" by C. Stott. Some onthis forum, I think, recommended it, may even have been yourself. Its a great little book for a novice. Pete
  8. For those who may not know S@N mag. are testing 8 starter scopes that sell for under £120 in next months issue, Feb. Thought this may be of interest. Pete
  9. HI Martin, thanks to you and everyone else who took the time to reply. There seems to be a great bunch of people on this site. As a newcomer sometimes I need to ask what some feel maybe basic questions and its nice to know that noone is going to " take the mickey"! Re. my scope, my wife ( bless her!) bought me the " famous" Lidl 70mm refractor. As astro. scopes go I know its small-- but its a start. If I can only get " a glimpse" of say Saturn or Jupiter with some small detail I will be happy. I am realistic about what I will be able to see but so far the viewing here has been hopeless. Maybe in the future if things progress I will think about getting a bigger scope. Cheers, Pete
  10. Hi Martin, yes I am talking about the movement of the planets over the course of the night, not their rotational spin. So they move east to west? Still confused re. stars though. Thought that the constellations appear to gradually move east to west, as seen from earth? pete
  11. No chance to use my new scope due to weather so I have been readind various books, mags on astronony. Please forgive my very basic question!! I know that the earth turns counter clockwise ( i.e.west to east) so that the constellations appear to move from east to west. But what about the planets? As they orbit the sun ( just like the earth) is their path across the sky also from east to west? Please excuse my lack of knowledge ( I am determined to get there!) but even basic books dont always give basic answers!. Oh secondly, on some star charts it looks like constellations SOUTH of the celestial equator are visible to us? Am I right? Thanks, Pete
  12. Gaz, I am new to this so would appreciate your comments. I note that this is an " apo" and price is around £1000. I have seen the same spec. scope, not apo, on Ebay for around the £250. mark. This is Chinese and made by Phenix Optics which includes the mount etc. Is the Meade scope really worth 4 times the Chinese one? I assume , but dont know that the Meade scope would be much superior optically. On the other hand I understand that some "branded" scopes are made in China but sold in different counttries under other names. Pete
  13. petermartin5


    Hi Jed, I live in Penzance. I dont know if you are aware of the West Cornwall Astronomical Society. They meet in Camborne and Falmouth, one meeting each place a month. Some distance from you I know, just thought I would let you know about it. Pete
  14. HI Gaz, Warthog, thanks for reply. Not sure what type of prism it is. However somebody told me that diagonals reverse the image( left to right) but dont turn it upside down. No wonder Im confused!! Pete
  15. Daz, JUst had a quick look. As far as I can the diagonal will only fit in one way. Pete
  16. thanks to all for help. Another query. I just had a quick look thru my new scope, stopped raining at last. Now the diagonal is in place, Not the image erector but the view is the right way up!! Thought view should be upside down? What am I doing wrong? Pete
  17. Can anyone recommend a " beginners "book or literature that will enable me to locate the planets. ? As I am new to this I am looking for something that hopefully is not too technical!! Thanks, Pete
  18. HI Warthog and Gaz, many thanks for prompt reply. From what you advised its probably a lot easier to leave the diagonal in place and then add the image reverter if I need to. Weather here in Cornwall is atrocious so no viewing to night. Thanks again, Pete
  19. Said I would be back with naive questions ( sorry) but I need to know. Read somewhere that this scope comes with a Barlow. I know this increases the magnification but there is no Barlow. It does come with an " image erector" 1x5. Also read that the star diagonal reverses the image for astro. use. Now if this is the case , why not just remove the diagonal for terrestial use and not bother with the image erector.? I am assuming that an eyepiece can be inserted without using the diagonal, is this the case? Grateful for any advice. Pete
  20. Hi Gaz, to my knowledge there is no SCS astro in Cornwall. There is a store in Truro called South West Optics who stock astro. gear. Last time I looked in the window they had several second hand bins around the £400 or more mark. Makes were Leica, Zeiss and Swaroski. Quality stuff but very pricey!! Pete
  21. Hi Steve, Dealer is GEOFF MARSHALL, 14 CAUSEWAYHEAD, PENZANCE. It is an independent store selling cameras etc, and telescopes, binoculars including astro. gear. They seem to stock a lot of Bresser and Meade equipment. Yes, I agree it will get my future custom. Pete
  22. Many thanks for the kind people who contacted me re. scope problems. This afternoon I called into the local optics shop, ( not lidl where it was purchased!!), and the guy working there came round to my place and assembled it. Really restores my faith in human nature! It looks the business altho" have not used it yet due to poor weather. Hope it will be ok. No doubt I will be on again with some daft query or other. Once again thanks to all those who took the trouble to help. Much appreciated and its great to know that there are people about ready to help. A healthy and prosperous New Year to everyone " out there". Pete
  23. not sure if I am using this computer properly!! No have not put scope together yet. Yes its a Skylux Bresser 70mm. Pete
  24. Thanks to both of you who replied very quickly. If I cant locate anyone to visit I will get back to you. Thanks, Pete
  25. I received received my first scope, a 70mm refractor for Xmas. When I opened the box , having never assembled one before, it looked a really daunting task!! Is there anyone who could give me a hand to assemble it? Obviouly I would pay for their time and cover expenses etc. I live in Penzance. P.S. It has an equatorial mount. I would be very grateful for anyones help. Thanks, Pete
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