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  1. Lovely image! Sorry to interrupt though, but if you can remove the red in photoshop, will it make the horrible murky orange colour be less prominent from light pollution?
  2. That is simply amazing! I'm not at all jealous! Hats off to you!
  3. I have the powerseeker 127 which is essentially the "old" model of the astromaster. I actually like it a lot. You will find a lot of people saying the money is all spent in the mount and to be honest it's true. The newtonian tube I have is pretty good and feels solid, but I am let down by the mount. I'm currently looking at upgrading the mount to an eq5 or something but not really had a huge amount of time to look into it much. If you're new at the game I'd get a cheaper one and see how you feel about it but keep a very open mind that performance wise it'll be fairly poor. I've kept this in mind and its made me want a better set up now rather than it putting me off. I can't speak for the lazer dot thingy as mine has a finder scope, well I say finder scope but its about as much use as a toilet roll tube stuck to the top of the OTA. Hope that helps, Olly
  4. I thought they were great to be honest I'm still a noob in this world, but I found it rather inspirational and enthusing. As for the ET element, it got the wifey to avert her eyes from her book. I liked the silly captions such as "More Not Actual Footage" or whatever it said. I think it shows the world that particle physics isn't all done by nerds. Also, if they had focussed on the more intense and hardcore astronomy it may have put people off a little bit. Everyone likes the information in the easiest way to understand but the more serious elements of the discussion showed that it was at heart a serious program. Great job!
  5. Hey Recently I went camping in the New Forest, and took my camera and tripod. In terms of kit, it was a Nikon D40, with the kit 18-55mm lens and an Opteka fish eye adaptor. It's not the best image ever but I like it. Here it is: Here is another image I took (but not with a fisheye) Cheers, Olly
  6. I was in the pub earlier tonight, and chanced a glance upwards in the beer garden. Beautiful clear skies... ...then within about 15 mins all the clouds decided to say hello... Such a shame...
  7. Same here in Kent. Shame I was out late last night, so just a quick look around for me, but will be good to get observing again!
  8. Thanks Lee, I'll check out out Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  9. It was fairly warm to touch, and the concrete it was on was too hot to stand on bare footed. Not as hot as today though (32oC)
  10. Hi All, I'm just wondering, if I were to set up a telescope mid afternoon ready for observing at night, does it matter if the OTA heats up? On Sunday used my Newtonian to view the moon in the daytime, but the sun was beating down and the OTA got quite warm. Is this bad for the tubes? Thanks in advance Olly
  11. just a quick update, this site says there are over 7.5 million street lights in the UK Street Lighting - HTMA
  12. BBC NEWS | Magazine | How much does it cost to operate a street light? I remembered reading an article similar to this a few months ago. The credit crunch has hit councils as much as us citizens, so perhaps we should start a petition to start saving money, the planet and astronomy... Does anyone know how many street lights there are in the uk? Quite a few I should think
  13. Aha! Excellent, I'll try that. Thanks for the tip. I'm sure you can see why this would cause a problem when wanting to take a series of images to put together. Thank you
  14. With my nikon d40, however long the shutter is open for is how long it takes for the camera to process the image, so say for example I take a 30 second exposure, the camera takes 30 second to process as well, so it actually takes 60 seconds from start to finish. Do you guys have the same issue?
  15. Thanks, I think that's a bit too far to just pop to, but its certainly a place to check out one weekend. Thanks for the tip! Olly
  16. Hi everybody, I'm just wondering if any one can point me in the direction of any good stargazing places in Kent? I live on Sheppey and don't fancy too much driving. Failing that, can anyone recommend and good viewing sites in the South East? And finally, how would I go about possibly finding and joining a local astronomy club? Thanks in advance for any responses Olly
  17. Wow, I'm impressed. I've actually never thought of getting this kind of image before but with the weekend fast approaching I must say I'm f feeling rather inspired! Thanks for sharing Olly Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  18. Lol, Dave is claimed by Top Gear... Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
  19. Thank you very much Tbird and Peter. Some pretty novice questions which no doubt I'll look back on in shame, but we all have to start somewhere I guess
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