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  1. I had a great weekend, thanks Daz; and thank you Tim for your help on Friday. Only managed 3 pics. Not too happy with the focus on my Nikon D3100 - very soft in general. It seems to be common problem with that particular model. I have a few tweaks to try though. Still, not bad results considering it's all new to me. Afocal, 200p, EQ5 and RA drive.
  2. Hi Tim. My friend and I would probably like a brief chat with you about some collimation tips if you don't mind. And being from Coventry too, it'll be nice to meet you!!
  3. No problems here either. See you all in October.
  4. Ahhh, Daz you are a diamond Looking forward to this. See you all there!!! Imarcs, I'll get the kettle on!
  5. Good news all round James! Thanks once again for all your hard work. See you all in October!
  6. Hey Chunky, I went to my 1st meeting, PSP2011, in October on my own and I too was scared - there was nothing to be scared of! I met some amazing people and struck up a great rapport with my neighbour. It's good to do the things that scare you, it makes you grow. I'm up for this event, so hopefully I'll see you there.
  7. This is a definate for me! I had a wonderful time this year. The farm campsite was brilliant, and I had a brief chat with the farmer too - what a great guy! James, if I could provisionally book pitch 4 on the overflow field again (as long as it still has EHU) it would be appreciated. As soon as the booking page goes live I shall make the payment immediately. Thanks for all your hard work organising the 2011 PSP and thanks for sorting out 2012 too James. Also thanks to the Pauls for their massive input.
  8. Wow. It's almost upon us! Managed to repair the water leak on the car, which was causing some concern. Got a new camera, Nikon D3100 and remote shutter release cable too. Exciting stuff! Haven't used the tent for 6 years so I had that out on Tuesday for a check - all good! --I have a spare sheet of primary red, 1.2m x .5m if anyone needs it - a fiver is all. I'm loaded with questions, so I'm going to be brave and try to talk to people this weekend - am usually pretty shy! Wondering too if anybody could help me collimate my Exp 200p please - I need a little tutorial if possible. Off to finish packing........WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! edit: One last thing; BIG BIG thanks to James for making this happen!
  9. It's all about practice, and this is my 2nd attempt at Jupiter. Ganymede showed up too. Old camera, so pretty grainy - but I'm happy with my progress. A new camera? Well, I'm saving up!!!!!!
  10. Thanks everybody. (-: Thanks RogerTheDodger for the tweaks - looks good. Tim TJ, Cov's light pollution is horrendous for sure! I live half a mile from the city centre and it's SO bad some nights. Do you know of any safe, dark sites you could secretly recommend? -------- The image is a composite of 2, I'll post 'em below. Here's my set up for those interested: -Skywatcher Explorer 200p -EQ5 mount -AC530 and a T2-58 ring -Very noisy, old Sony DSC F717 -Generic 10mm plossl EP that came w/ the scope -Bahtinov Mask -Tha's it! Thanks again.
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