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  1. Thanks for the offer Andy McK (and also to the offers from AndyH & NicNac). I haven't removed the thread yet, and I've also made it a bit trickier to do as when I discovered it broken I was planning on an a couple hours of observing, so as the end of the thread waspoking into the drawtube I got a scalpel and sliced the end off thereby making it flush with the inside of the tube so allowing me to put EP's in! I'm not totally stupid as I did ensure that the fragment cut off couldn't fall down into the main OTA, however, I guess it would have been easier to remove if I hadn't performed surger
  2. Big thanks to you Nic Nac and Andy H, I knew you'd come through with some good advice!
  3. I don't know if anyone can help but the small plastic screw that secures the EP's in the drawtube on my Tal 1 has sheared off The EP's still stay in as it's a snug fit but of course it's not ideal and I was planning on selling my Tal 1 to concentrate on my Tal 2 as I don't really have the space for both. Any suggestions? I know some of the Tal crew on here have had positive dealings with the Russians at the Novobirsk site but I haven't contacted them yet to see if I can get a replacement. I also need to (gently!) extricate the remaining screw thread that still in the draw tube, wish me luck!
  4. It was the first astronomy book I bought - and only one at present so any further suggestions much appreciated - but I did read a lot of positive reviews about it. One thing I really find useful are the line drawings of the DSO's as they give a very realistic indication of what you'll see and what to look for so you know you've found it; invaluable for a newbie like me!
  5. First was M45, second was M42....and that's it so far! I'm not sure if it's because I'm Rubbish at finding them or I don't have the patience or the time (all three likely! ). Both of them did look beautiful though and provided one of those humbling moments (still do). My mate keeps asking if I've seen the Andromeda galaxy yet but I can never find it! I guess it'd should look pretty good through a 6" reflector once I find it?!
  6. Hi Bernard and welcome to SGL, I'm just up the road from you too! Your intro got me wondering....I keep my 'scopes in the shed (which is dry, no leaks - except by the inside of the door as I learnt to my cost when the outer plywood layer of the OTA's birch case started lifting off at the corner where it's comb-jointed- aaargh! But no damp got inside luckily) but will this eventually become a problem for my mirrors due to temperature changes, changes in relative humidity etc?
  7. paf90


    Welcome to SGL Tony, Nice intro! I'm starting to wonder if we're running NASA close to how much astronomical knowledge is available on this site!
  8. The problem is that the two main manufacturers have the financial muscle and economy of scale to advertise and promote their many different brands to the point it eclipses any other manufacturer. An example of manufacturers who are I guess at a mid price point are Orion Optics UK and Tal. I don't much about Orion but their product looks very good, and with owning a couple of Tals I know that the quality of the OTA, finderscope and supplied eyepieces are superior to most of the Chinese originating offerings out there. I guess, like anything, it pays to do your research instead of just buying th
  9. It was unusually cloud free here on the western edge of the pennines! Got to view Jupiter and Venus for about an hour from 6.30pm to 7.30pm (and a look at Mars also), forced the kids to look also! To be fair though, for a six and a half and a three and a half they're starting to take quite an interest, although I'm not sure quite what they could see through the EP, ah well! I thought the Jovian moons looked really cool last night at the time I saw them, they looked like they were in a staggered string formation in between Jupiter and us, I haven't seen them like that before and it was a marve
  10. Talking of ebay, I nearly had an accident when I visited the site the other day and saw all these Tal Kletzovs listed! Only to be brought back down to reality when I saw they were all new and alot more than I could afford or justify (to my good lady)! Maybe a lucky escape really that they weren't used ones, as I think it would still be an extremely delicate negotiating situation trying to explain to the other half why I need a 200K (at £500 or so?) when she's trying to lump me with a pedestal foot from the Tal 2 mount!
  11. That's a great website AndyH, I just wish I could speak German! Unless you know of any english translations of this?
  12. A wise decision, Asterix! I'm sure you won't be disappointed as it's such a good package for the money - rock steady mount, quality optics, robust build quality, and for supplied eyepieces, very nice quality as well. For astrophotography, then I guess you'd need a Tal 1M, which is the motorised version, I've seen some really good photos taken with Tal's. You'll have to post back when you've got one and let us know what you think!
  13. Yep, that's the real reason all those people were cheering the Russian Foreign Minister on his recent trip to the Syrian capital...they were members of the Damascus Astronomical Society!
  14. Both of mine live in the shed, the Tal 2 has the added protection of its wooden box. This brings me to the question I've been meaning to ask - but never got around to - which is, with the consistent likelihood of sub zero temperatures at this time of year, is there ever an issue of damage to the mirror?
  15. Hi Asterix, No, both of them I bought 2nd hand; the Tal 1 for £80 but it included 2 Circle T volcano ep's (new price about £80 the pair) as well as the usual complement of very good Tal ep's & barlow. I went down this route as I didn't want to commit too much money on a new hobby if it didn't work out, a consideration when you have a family and a recently acquired brand new Fender Strat (guitar is my other hobby! ). Although 2nd hand, I'd read so many good reviews of the Tal 1 and it's build quality that I didn't feel it was too much of a risk. Also, I think the Mak 127 is about £400 new?
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