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  1. No Ive not done it I think its a real challenge dusk to dawn stuff. Ive just noticed the DeepSky Section March 2nd has a post about an attempt, I wonder how they did. There is a good guide there too. It might encourage me to have a go but the weather is pants lately. John.
  2. Messier list March is the best time of year for a Messier Marathon. Quite a lot are nebulae m42 etc which you know already and star clusters. Ive done a lot with 100mm bins such as Galaxies m31 m32 m33 m81 82 etc. John.
  3. I had visions of a refractor with a 8 inch submarine lens I ran away from in London. His shed was like the Alien ship. It looked like Alien dripping with water and was disintergrating along with the shed, I still have nightmares. That looks Ok to me apart from the missing base and focuser. Orion Optics are renowned for their optics Ive never seen a bad set from them compared with Chinese imports which are better now. The base is easy to make, there wss one done last week on here. Plly is best but you could use that expanding when wet stuff Skywatcher do which is fitted with nice large screwed inserts. The holes dont seem a problem to me, not sure about the focuser or finder holes cant see it in the flesh but those holes look unusal. The cell is very interesting and new bubblepack should be OK as the bubbles individually support the mirror like carpet for mirror making but I use a sling as well for edge support. If I had that Id be excited at trying to get it ready by next weekend. John.
  4. With my skies down from mag 5+ to 4ish in my memory, I have a college and floodlit playing fields nearby but nothing like as serious as yours and I sympathise. I hope you can do something about the more immediate problem streetlights. Ive given up on this as the neighbours seem to reinforce it with their own paranoia lights. Writing a letter to your Environment Dept (street lighting is part of mine) is a good idea as they will reply within 14 days. They are sympathetic and if there is something which can easily be done which does not affect others and reduces light pollution then they should help. Your councillor might help. John.
  5. Im sure its genuine. I got a 6 inch lens from a chap in the midlands sellling ex WD stuff about 20 years ago. It has an amazing petal diaphragm same as camera lenses. They most certainly dont make em like they used to, its very heavy. He chucked in green ally tubes undentable almost. John.
  6. Its indifference that I cant be bothered with. I will try to help others especially if I can help those new to the hobby who might otherwise be put off which is a loss to the hobby in my opinion. John.
  7. Id get or make a pipefitters wraparound. Its simple just a piece of very straight edged hard gasket type sheet wider than the pipe and long enough to wrap tightly around the tube several times so all edges line up perfecty. Then mark the tube and cut with a hacksaw or junior hachsaw. The wraparound is used with the pipefitters handbook (online)to mark and cut angles you see on large pipes eg a refinery. I cut A 6 inch pier last year by hand it took 2 days but I was very pleased and satisfied with the result. John.
  8. This is my favourite ultralight at the moment and it uses adhesive for the primary, not adviasble for the secondary, his fell off oops. A homemade 20 inch dob lightweight telescope, DS-5 John.
  9. Correct me if Im wrong for which I apologise but I cant see the comparison, its a jump I agree but so is Vixen compared to Takashi. The EQ5 without motors might be a 1/4 of the price of a HEQ5 with Synscan but is that a fair comparison. Say one adds a pair of coffe grinder motors and handset to the EQ5 that takes it to over 300 whereas the Basic HEQ5 (no longer available I think) at say 550 last time I saw it. So thats 250ish difference for a vastly superior mount with a greater payload silent motors better tracking more speeds inbuilt polar scope better heavier weights and nice telescoping Dec axis. John.
  10. My vague memory years ago recalls people complaining that equipping a EQ5 with motors and handset cost more than a HEQ5 with the EQ5 about 200 the HEQ5 about 400 and the EQ6 about 600. Then Synta aquired Celestron and fitted celestron electronics to their mounts with the price hikes for people who wanted GOTO Autoguiding etc etc built in. Anyone got exploded diagram of EQ5 HEQ5 and EQ6, I think the most complicated machining wise is the HEQ5 with brass intermediate gears which the EQ6 has noit got. John.
  11. The EQ2,3 are Chinese clones of The Japanese Polaris mounts. The EQ5 is a clone of the Super Polaris without motors which were extra all old technology plastic bearings now replaced with ball bearings. The HEQ5 and EQ6 are Chinese clones of Japanese Takahashi mounts thrust and roller bearings etc with inbuilt motors and handsets Different class. The Chinese are not stupid they know what we want and are prepared to pay. They have taken over the market for telescopes and mounts. I personally think the EQ5 is utilitarian the HEQ5 is a thing of engineering beauty. The EQ6 beauty and the beast all in one. John.
  12. There is a website by an expert machinist / hobbyist and after he made a mount capable of tracking to sub 10 arcseconds he felt the amount of time and work involved etc would cost more than buying a mount. To track at less than 10 arcseconds requires just one component the wormwheel accuracy of the highest machining skill which is why we have tracking and PEC to compensate for errors too expensive and time consuming to remove. The HEQ5 is a Chinese copy of a Takahashi mount whioch costs thousands. John.
  13. What perplexes me is saying life elsewhere is unlikely when the nearest star system at 4.2 light years Alpha Beta and Proxima Cerntauri is the most modeled system for binary planetary formation. Also Alpha Centauri is a G2 star the same as the sun same elements same everything almost. There are no pertubations by gas giants as this has been stripped away by the binary system but there could well be planets fron half to twice the diameter of earth so unobservable at present. So I think that this alone raises the liklehood of life elsewhere and its on our doorstep astronomically speaking. John.
  14. Yes I thing we are looking the other way but back in time to the beginning of the universe when the first proto stars formed exploded then the second generation stars formed and exploded then the sun formed about 5 billion years ago. The milky way is about 13.2 billion years old so I think the Hubble deep field is the same as us then and we are the same as them now.
  15. Vacuum Coatings are in Barratt Road E17. They coat telescope mirrors up to 40 inches something worth seeing if they are not busy. Its a telescope makers emporium. They have the Skywatcher range on their list if you google them. Terry Peace teaches Telescope Making so he could show you to make anything to do with Telescopes in his classes. I used to spend hours in his shop and regrettably Im not near London so could not attend his classes. He is the most helpful person on telescopes Ive ever met. John.
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