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  1. its in quite a good position where i am, not at the zenith but nowhere near the horizon. if its clear i can get a good nights viewing from as soon as the sun sets. a few weeks back i even managed to view it while the sky was blue, it was that clear it stuck out long before any stars were visable!!

    ill be on it tonight aslong as the clouds stay away but according to the weather reports, i may not be that lucky! :)


  2. cheers isabelle. i just found it strange how its been there for so long and does not seem to have moved at all! its probably moved alot but to the naked eye i cant see any change!

    when is mars going to be coming into view? iv been waiting for a good 6 months to see it, it must be like a game of cat and mouse up there, the earth is chasing mars in its orbit! :)

    thanks again.


  3. yeah iv read loads on nibiru aswell, it makes an interesting read but i dont think, or i dont want to believe it!

    i seen a video on youtube which shown you the area of google sky where it is supposed to be, or something but it is blanked out, i then went onto google sky, put the same co-ordinates in and the sky and there is nothing there.

    it just makes me wonder, so i thought id ask what people on here thought.

    thanks for the link, ill have a read now.


  4. im just curious why it hasnt left the nearby star like object behind!

    last night was clear, i got my scope out and as usual the dirtyest black cloud in the whole wide world appeared out of know where. so i put the scope away, then like a fart in the wind, it disappeared!! typical! :)

  5. i know what ya mean. iv been practicing on aircraft with a friend, ill line up the spotting scope attached to my LX10 and my friend tries to view it through the main scope, we managed it with planes enough times but getting a glimpse of the ISS is harder than we thought, but when something is travelling at 5 miles a second, i understand why we fail!!

    ill get on top of it one day tho, i will not give up!!


  6. hi, just incase your not aware, there is a website that tracks the ISS in real time, altho the other night it went over while the website said it was over italy! worth a ganders tho!

    ISSTracker ~ Real-Time Location Tracking of the International Space Station

    hope this assists, ive been trying for months to view it in my scope but its just to fast!! good luck and please post some pics as soon as you manage to capture it!


  7. no probs isabelle. i have scoured the region and found one only a few miles away which i am going to on friday night and hopefully ill be part of the club and my knowledge will soon rocket! :)

    iv already noticed after only a couple of days that there are some very talented astronomers on here and i will be leeching as much info as humanly possible.

    thanks for the thought1


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