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  1. dodgeydodge
    around 3 weeks ago i was viewing saturn and i noticed a star just above to the right. i at first thought it was titan ( which i didnt think could be visible with the naked eye ) and after i pointed my scope at it i realised it wasnt, or so i believe. its now been a few weeks and saturn still has the same star at the same position and it is still visible to the naked eye, if it was titan it should have shifted round saturn but its still in the same place.
    what is this star like object that is following saturn? saturn is gradually drifting across the night sky and iv been expecting this star ( or whatever it is ) to be left behind but its still there.
    im curious as to what it is, can anyone explain?
  2. dodgeydodge
    hi everyone. i have only within the last year got into astronomy. i have a celestron astromaster and a meade LX10 8". i have upto now learnt myself all i know as i have no friends who are into astronomy for advice. i have recently moved to newquay and would like to join an astronomy club to help me understand and learn my telescopes and the night sky.
    please may someone be able to advise me of a club within the area which i can join to further my astro-knowledge!
    many thanks,
    dave. :)
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